Review | Sleek Blush By 3 in Lace

I went into town to do some window shopping and this accidentally slipped into my possession, oops. 
It's the Sleek 'Blush by 3' blush pallette in 'Lace' and it's SO PRETTY.
You can pick it up from Superdrug or online and it retails at £9.99 which is pretty cheap for three blushes.

The packaging all closed up and looking pretty.

First of all, I'll tackle the packaging. The packaging itself is really nice, it's a little black container (container? box? I'm stumped for what to call it), which opens up to reveal the three blushers and a little mirror above. The pallette as a whole is really slim and not too wide or long, so it's really easy to carry around with you on-the-go. 

 Trying to get a photograph of a mirror WITHOUT getting yourself in it - not an easy task. 

Left to right: Crochet, Guipure, & Chantilly.

The blushers themselves are such good quality too, the colours are so pretty and so SO pigmented. You hardly need any on the brush at all to get a decent colour. The names of the colours individually are above, the first one is a matte coral/orange, the middle a shimmery pinky/gold and the last one is another matte bright pink. I've been using these every day and so far there isn't even a dent in any of them because of the pigmentation. And, if you want to layer them up for a more intense colour, you can easily do that too.

So far I am very impressed with Sleek, I've not seen them around for that long, so I'm under the impression that they're quite a new brand HOWEVER the shops where I live tend to get new things in a lot later than most places so don't hold me to that. I've also heard that Sleek make some pretty accurate MAC dupes too, so I'll probably be purchasing some of those in the near future. 

Do let me know if you liked this post, if it helped you out, or even if you went out and bought this after reading this post, and I will post again very soon. 
Zelda x



  1. The colours are beautiful, I'd really like to try them!
    I'll follow you, please check out my blog :)


    1. You definitely should, they're all amazing!
      I also checked out your blog and followed :)
      Zelda x


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