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I'd like to start this post by apologising for my lack of activity recently, work has really been getting on top of me and all I wanted to do on my few days off was sleep. But alas, I am here to talk to you about a few hair products which have become a staple in my haircare routine. 

These little beauties are all shampoos and conditioners from 'Happy Hair Days', who I believe are a relatively new brand, as I've not seen them around before. I picked these up in Sainsburys of all places (a British supermarket chain), where they had a 2 for £5 deal going on, I was in need of a new shampoo and conditioner anyway, so I thought I might as well give these a try. They claim to have a gentle, natural formulation and are free from parabens, sodium laureth sulphate and mineral oils, so I decided that if nothing else, these might do a bit of good for my hair.

First up, the Intense Repair Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner. These. Are. Amazing. My hair was so limp and flat and dry at the ends, and these babies worked miracles. I'll start off by saying that they both have the same scent and smell really nice, they have that 'holiday' type smell which is hard to describe, but if you smell it, you'll understand! You only need a tiny amount of shampoo to lather up your whole head really nicely, and once I washed the bubbles away my hair felt so soft I even debated not conditioning it! The conditioner is also lovely, and just makes your hair feel super super soft. Once my hair was dry, it felt so light and soft, almost like that 'just been to the hairdressers' feeling, and even after using heat protection spray and a hairdryer, I could still smell the scent of these in my hair. I noticed a considerable difference in the ends of my hair, they were nowhere near as dry, and my hair was nowhere near as limp as it was. 

Next, the Marshmallow and Coconut Colour Care shampoo, which also smells amazing! It really does smell lke marshmallows and cocunut without being too sweet or sickly, and it also did wonders for both mine and my mum's coloured hair. When I went back to get this, they didn't have the matching conditioner, so I bought the smoothing one instead (below). Again, you only need a small amount of product to really lather up your hair, and to me, it really did help bring out the colours in my hair, whilst leaving it clean and soft. The only downside to this one is that when you dry your hair the smell tends to fade away.

Last up, the Blueberry and Pear Smoothing conditioner. This conditioner is by far my favourite smell out of all three that I have mentioned, it's really fruity and refreshing and yummy, which meant I was very upset when I found out the matching shampoo was out of stock. Boo :( My hair has developed a terrible habit which means the bottom section tends to matte up a lot, and get really, really tangly. This conditioner is the only conditioner (apart from the argan oil one) that manages to detangle my hair properly and leave it with no knots or mattes. The scent seems to last in my hair all day, which is a huge good point for me, and I really do love this conditioner. 

Overall, I LOVE these products with a passion. If I'm looking for an everyday clean then I'll go for the colour shampoo and smoothing conditioner, but if I'm giving my hair a bit more love and attention I'll opt for the argan oil ones. After using these for a couple of weeks I have really noticed a difference in the condition of my hair, it seems to be looking a lot more healthy and 'alive'. I would definitely recommend these shampoos and conditioners to anyone, and I suggest that you all hunt them down and give them a try!

Have you tried these products and loved them as much as I have? Did this post inspire you to go out and try them? Let me know in the comments and I will see you all very soon!

Zelda x
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