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I've been plodding along through life using cheap and cheerful makeup brushes forever. Well, that is until my foundation brush split right in half and I decided it was time to man up and get some decent brushes. Now, being a student, I am in no financial position to be able to restock with MAC brushes (although I'd love to!) so I opted for Real Techniques instead. 

The first thing I purchased was the Core Collection set, in which you recieve a buffing brush, a contour brush, a pointed foundation brush and a detailing brush. 
I'll start by saying that all of the brushes are so super soft, and the bristles don't keep a hold of much makeup, meaning it all goes on your face, and isn't wasted by sinking down into the brush. 
The buffing brush is really nice for applying powder foundation, and I've even been using it for blusher as it fits perfectly onto the apples of my cheeks. 
I've been using the pointed foundation brush for my concealer, as you can be very precise with it, along with the teeny tiny detailer brush, which I have also used for blending in lipstick as well. 
Finally, the contour brush. Not much to say here, I use it for contouring. It's great. 

The second thing I bought was the Expert Face Brush for applying my foundation. I'm a liquid foundation girl, and this brush blends in liquid foundation perfectly and leaves my face looking flawless, and again, all of the product it picks up actually ends up ON your face, and not stuck in the brush. 
A common question about this brush is 'Surely it's the same as the buffing brush?' They look the same from afar, but the answer is no.

 Buffing brush on the left, Expert Face Brush on the right.

In this photo that I took for comparison, close up you can see that the bristles on the buffing brush are more sparse and longer, whereas the bristles on the expert face brush are more closely packed together, and shorter. I've used both for blending in liquid foundation and the finish you get with the buffing brush is completely different to the EFB, because the buffing brush is designed for powders. I would recommend using the EFB for any sort of liquid foundation, however, if you're a powder or mineral foundation girl then the buffing brush is the one for you. 

Finally, I bought the pretty pink powder brush. The bristles on this brush are again, so super soft and I find myself just wanting to sweep this brush all over my face all day. It does really well when picking up bronzers and blushers, which again don't sink down into the brush, and all of the product is placed onto your face. It's also really nice to use when applying a setting or finishing powder to your face, as you can cover your whole face really quickly, with a beautiful finish and without missing a spot. 

Overall, I'm really really REALLY impressed with these brushes, none of the hairs have dropped or fallen onto my face when using them, and they're all super soft and easy to use. There's been a massive hype all over the internet and blogosphere about these brushes and now I can see why. I'll be purchasing the Real Techniques Eye Collection set of brushes next week, so I'll also be writing a review of those in the near future.
Do you have any staple Real Techniques brushes in your makeup kit? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments below and I will see you all very soon!

Zelda x


  1. Oh God I really loved your blog , the design is awesome ! And I really mean that :) I liked the post , too . Good Job !!


    1. Ah thank you so much! That really means a lot to me, at least I know I'm doing something right haha!
      I gave your blog a follow too :)♡

  2. great post, am going to have to try these out especially since there only 2 for £5. new follower!



    1. You definitely should, they really are worth it!
      Ah thankyou! I followed you too xxx


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