Review | Lush Angels On Bare Skin Facial Cleanser

In my previous post here, I wandered off into Lush and bought myself a new pot of their Angels On Bare Skin facial cleanser. I love this product so much, I decided to give it it's own seperate review.

The cleanser itself, looking all natural and cleanser-y.

I'll start off by saying that when I first bought this cleanser, I was a hormonal, spotty, blemishy thirteen year old who had pretty much tried every skincare remedy out there, without success. Apart from this little wonder. After wandering into the Lush store for the first time, I was recommended this product and within a week of cleansing my skin with it morning and night, I was already seeing drastic results. 

Fast forward almost 5 years and I found myself travelling to my nearest Lush store (which isn't actually very near to me at all), and repurchasing it. The first thing I noticed about this product was the smell, which at first I wasn't too keen on. It's all very natural and you can really smell the lavender in it, which took some time for me to get used to, but if you're a fan of the lavender scent then you'll be fine! The cleanser itself is made from clay, almonds, lavender and rose, and starts off as a crumbly mixture. You then massage it into your hands with water until it turns into a paste (or milk if you add extra water). 

I've heard mixed reviews on the consistency of this cleanser, but I find using this as a paste really works well for me, because it kind of doubles up as a scrub. I have combination skin, so the scrubby texture tends to tackle my dry bits whilst the milky, pasty texture nourishes and hydrates my skin, and the clay soaks up all the excess oils to take away shine. For best results I do remove my makeup beforehand with my L'Oreal Micellar Water, just to make sure it really cleanses my skin, and doesn't just remove the makeup on top. 

Angels On Bare Skin claims to even out skin tone, reduce redness, and give your skin a healthy glow. Even after 5 years, after using it for just one day my skin already looked a lot healthier, I definitely agree with every claim this makes! My dry patches are gone, my red blemishy patches have died down dramatically, some have even disappeared completely, and my skin is looking a LOT glowier - so much that I actually went out for the past 2 days without any foundation whatsoever because I didn't feel that I needed it. 

It retails at £6.25 I do believe, and I would seriously recommend this product to anyone! Leave a comment and let me know if you've ever tried it, your thoughts on it, or even if this post has inspired you to go and buy it!

Zelda x


  1. Great review. Good to hear what works and what doesn't. I might pick this up when Im in Lush. :)

    Sarah x

    1. Thank you! It's one of my all time favourite cleansers, so I'm glad to hear you're considering trying it too, it means I must be doing something right haha! :)
      Thanks for commenting xxx

  2. I really want this now as I'm still spot prone (sigh, just turned eighteen) Hopefully it'll work wonders on me too! Thanks for the review x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

    1. You should definitely give it a go, in theory it should do wonders for your skin! I'm just about to turn eighteen so this is coming from someone with the same aged skin as you hehe :)
      Thank you for commenting xxx

  3. Hi, was wondering how you got that little message at the bottom of the comments? Also i'd love it if you checked out my blog - idkmatilda.blogspot.com xoxo

    1. Ok so on your blogger dashboard, if you:
      -Click on your blog name, then go to 'settings' in the list down the left hand side
      -Then click 'posts and comments'
      -Scroll down, you should see a box that says 'comment form message'
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      I hope that made sense!
      I will definitely do so! I'll follow you xxx


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