Collective Haul Pt 2: Autumn/Winter Clothes Haul

Hello! I'm baaaaack!
For those of you who don't know, I ventured off to Reading Festival last weekend, and I've had countless auditions for my new college course this week, which is why I've been slightly quiet. I can't apologise enough! Nevertheless I'm back now to finally share with you the second part of my collective haul! You can read the first part here.
 I was going to attempt to do this in two parts, a video and a blog post, but I'm so exhausted and I've got a busy week ahead of me with starting college and whatnot, so it's just going to end up as a blog post for now!

So we've finally seen the back of August and the summer months. On the few more rainy, overcast days we've been having here in the UK, I discovered that my wardrobe has a huge lack of clothes suitable for the Autumn/Winter seasons! So, I decided to go out on a whim and fix this terrible problem that would have left me shivering under a duvet otherwise!

I have been on the hunt for a decent winter coat for ages, and I'm always caught with the dilemma of 'it looks nice but it won't keep me warm' or 'it doesn't look too good on but it'll keep me cosy'. This year I think I have finally cracked that problem! I went into Miss Selfridge and found this coat in the sale for £40, being astudent I got 20% off so ended up paying around £30 for a coat that was previously £70! What a bargain. I was a big fan of this style of coat last year but never really found one that I liked. I really like wearing this jacket - it's big enough that you can really layer up underneath it but fitted enough so it doesn't puff out and you don't look like the Michelin Man when you wear it!

For all those wondering, THIS is the Michelin Man.

The second shop I went to was Forever 21, I've never been to a Forever 21 before as there's not many close to me, and believe me when I say that I had a field day! I literally wanted to pick up the whole store and take it home with me. The first thing I picked up was this flannel checked shirt, which cost me £12.00. I've been searching for a decent shirt like this for a while, as I find they're really good for layering either put on or tied around the waist. I like the colours, it's really soft and comfy and cosy and yeah. I like this a lot.

The second thing is this little jumper that cost me £12.95. I thought this would look really nice accessorized with one of the necklaces I picked up in the first part of the haul, again it's really really comfy and surprisingly warm, despite the sheer shoulders!

Then I ventured into the HUGE sale section that they had, and picked up three things, the first of which is this pink shirt which cost me around £5. First off, I apologise for the sheerness of this shirt in the photo. 'Hashtag awkward bra shot'. I really like the fact that you can layer this under jumpers because of the cute little collar and silver button, I'm a big fan of the detailing and the colour of the shirt itself and the material is really silky and soft, which makes this the comfiest shirt I possibly ever purchased. And at £5, it's an absolute steal!

The second thing I picked up in the sale I ended up buying to wear to Reading, and it's this khaki green waistcoat/gilet type thing. I really don't know what to call it! It caught my eye because it's almost like the jacket I bought but without the sleeves, so it seemed perfect for jumping around in tight crowds without getting too hot! It's got little pockets on the front that I kept my phone and tickets in and it was just perrrrrfect. I believe this came in at around £7.

The last thing I bought from Forever 21 was this pair of black skinny jeans for £6something. I wear black skinny jeans for colder days at work, so I tend to end up ruining the decent pairs that I buy because of it. :( I decided I needed a non-work-ruined pair of black skinnies, saw these in the sale, tried them on and they're really REALLY comfortable considering they're super skinny! The material is really soft, they're cut in just the right shape for me and are quite honestly my perfect fit. The rips on the front aren't too see through either, all in all I can see these becoming my new favourite pair of jeans!

This next item was bought from New Look and came in at £25. I really liked the style of this jacket, and fell in love with the little leather-look details and pattern! I guess it's more of a 'boyfriend' style blazer/jacket type thing. Even though I'd already bought a jacket, this one is quite a bit thinner, so I wouldn't be wearing this out on a snowy winter day! However with layers underneath it it's still very warm, and long story short, I couldn't not have it!

Last of all from New look I picked up these boots for £30. Oh. My. These are the comfiest ankle boots I have ever set foot in. They're super padded out and warm, and I love the buckle detail! I actually ended up buying a size bigger than I usually am due to the fact that these babies are so padded and comfy, but that wasn't a problem as the buckles and the laces (obviously) are both adjustable, so I can easily make them tighter. I can see myself wearing these a LOT during the colder months, I've got a good feeling that these paired with some thick socks will keep my tootsies toasty! 

So that's everything for part 2 of my haul, I apologise for it being so late! Have you started your Autumn/Winter clothes shopping yet? Did anything I purchased catch your eye? Would you have liked to see this in video form?
Leave a comment down below and I will be back with another post very soon! (I promise!)

Zelda x



  1. I love all the stuff you got, especially them boots! you have a new follower haha!
    would love it if you could check out my blog sometime too :)

    Jess xx

    1. Thank you so much haha!
      Followed your blog too :)


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