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Last week I possibly had the most eventful week of all weeks ever. On top of my 18th birthday bits and bobs, seeing family, going to college and what not, our internet decided it didn't want to work any more and completely crashed out. After long phonecalls with our provider and screwdrivers being shoved into wall fittings etc. we're finally back up and running! Sorry about that.

ANYWAY, it suddenly occurred to me this morning that I haven't done a 'proper' makeup post in quite a while! 
As the colder months snap at our heels, fashion and makeup looks are changing drastically and I'm finding it hard to keep up! 

I've had these two lipsticks lying around in my makeup drawer for ages now, I was gifted them by my nan, bless her heart, however I've never really been a 'red lipstick' person, let alone a lipstick person at all. This summer I took the plunge and bought some 'proper' lipsticks to try out, but they were all very coraly/pinky colours, which aren't great for the A/W trends! So I thought if I'd been brave enough to do that and end up loving it, then why not take a step deeper into the plunge and try out some bolder reds! 

Seeing as I had them lying around anyway, I first thought to try out these two Dior lipsticks, which were both reds (surprise, surprise!). Now, I'm most definitely not a high end makeup person, pretty much because I can never afford it! It's just by chance that these are quite 'posh' lippys, but by no means does this mean that I'm stinking rich/got a lotta cash/rolling in the dollar! 

They are both Dior Addict lipcolors, the first one is a High Shine Translucent one and it's in the colour '750 Runway Red'. Despite it looking quite dark in the photo, it's the lighter colour of the two. Damn you, natural lighting. I've taken to this one more than the other one just because it's not an 'in your face bright red', it's more translucent and seems nicer to wear if you're only just easing into the process of wearing red lipstick. This lippy has a really lovely shimmer to it, and looks really pretty on! The colour is quite sheer at first and the formula is super moisturising and really easy to build up if you're a bit braver, unlike me!
The packaging is so super pretty, like the lipstick, it's translucent and shines rainbow colours when you hold it up to the light, beautiful!

The second lippy is just a normal Dior Addict Lipcolor, in '873 Technicolor Red'. This one is a bit bolder than the previous one and is a darker pinky red colour with a gorgeous micro shimmer. Instead of a more translucent colour, this one's almost opaque when you put it on, it's super super pigmented and a little goes a long way! It's really moisturising and creamy and lovely to wear, and I can't wait for the day when I take the plunge and I'm brave enough to wear it!
 L-R: 750 Runway Red, 873 Technicolor Red
Left: 873 Technicolor Red 
Right: 750 Runway Red

Excuse the multiple hairband marks on my wrist in the above photo, I fell asleep with them round my wrist last night *slaps hand*.
These are pretty much the only higher end lipsticks that I have ever owned and I must say I'm rather impressed. I think red lips look lovely with a simple cat eye look and all of the monochrome pieces that are coming into fashion recently, it really adds a nice pop of colour, so I'd better sort myself out and get to wearing these soon!

I'm pretty sure these retail at around £24, which is pretty extortionate for a lipstick, considering you can pick up a MAC one for around £15, but it's all part of the fun I guess. I'm currently working on LOADS more posts that I can queue up for you so I definitely won't be away for this long ever again! Have you ever tried any Dior lippys? Are you like me and aren't quite brave enough to rock red lipstick, but want to try this season? Leave me a lovely little comment and I will be back tomorrow with a second 'What's In My...' post!

Zelda x


  1. love the dior lipsticks! so moisturizing! colours are lovely too! xxx

    1. They really are, I think I might have to invest in another one next payday haha!
      Thanks for commenting xxx


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