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Hello lovelies! It's Friday so today I'm doing my belated 'What's In My...' post that should have really been done last week but hey ho! 

As some of you may know, I turned 18 last Tuesday, so I thought it'd be cool to give you a run down of the main girly bits that I received! 
Before I start, I just want to make it clear that I am by no means bragging, I'm really not that type of person and I hate blowing my own trumpet. I was extremely lucky to receive what I did, and most of it was beauty or fashion related anyway, so I thought it was stuff you guys might be interested in and want to take a look at!

I'll start off with the jewellery side of things.
The first present I received was from my mum, and she bought me my gorgeous Michael Kors Rose Gold watch that I've wanted for aaaaages! I've got teeny tiny twig wrists, so there were more links taken out at the jewellers than left in so it would fit me! 

I then got this absolutely beautiful Thomas Sabo rose gold ring from my boyfriend, who is an absolute sweetheart. Thomas Sabo is by far becoming my favourite jewellers, everything is so quirky and pretty and lovely, this ring matches my watch perfectly and it's got a lot of sentimental value to it.

Then, low and behold I got ANOTHER Thomas Sabo ring from my auntie, which I have also wanted for years and years! He's a little silver snake with gemstone eyes and I've named him Pete and he's the best.

The last little bits of jewellery I received were both Pandora charms, one from my dad and one from my cousins. The one from my dad is a really sweet little heart with '18' engraved onto it, and the other is a little silver present with a pink ribbon and a little silver heart tag, which I think is the cutest. thing. ever. 

Onto beauty! 
One of the stand-out beauty things I got was a Spa Day for two at Five Lakes Spa and I almost had a heart attack when I saw the place. It's so beautiful and it includes full access to the pools and the saunas and I get a Clarins facial done and I can't wait to be pampered! No cucumber for my eyes though, I have a thing about cucumber being put on my face. Thinking about it, I've just got this thing for cucumbers in general. Massive no no. 

Yes, that IS supposed to be the French Kiss bubble bar but I used some, so it's lost its shape.
The next lot absolutely blew me away. I got a Lush 'Relax More' gift box which includes the Twilight Bath Ballistic, a Dream Time Bath Melt, a Therapy Massage Bar, and A French Kiss and The Comforter Bubble Bars, all full size, and they all smell amazing. I tried some of the French Kiss bubble bar the other day and it was awesome.

Also from Lush is this really cute little Mr Bumble and you unwrap him from his wings and he's got a Honey Bee Bath Ballistic and a Honey I Washed the Kids Soap inside, not to mention he smells divine. I almost don't want to use anything inside because he's too cute!

I got a honker of a stash of perfumes, the first being my all time favourite Ghost fragrance in a gift set, which, if you read my wish list post, you'll know I had ran out of! 

The sun came out while I was taking this and made the bottle look AH-MAZING.
There's Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, which I wasn't too sure on at first, but was pleasantly surprised with! I've worn it a few times and it actually smells really nice! 

Finally, I got a huge bottle of J'adore by Dior from my Dad, and a Chanel nail polish -jaw drops to floor-. I have LOVED J'adore ever since it's launch when I was in Year 7 (which was around 6 years ago I might add!) but have never been in a financial position to buy any because it's always been so damn expensive. 
I have no words for the Chanel nail polish. It's a beautiful deep red colour and it's number '18' and it's perfection.
In the end, even my Dad managed to get me some girly bits - Dad, I'm impressed!

So those are the main girly, beauty-y, and fashion-y bits that I'm now keeping in my little 18th birthday stash! It's my boyfriend's 18th next Sunday so I've got a high bar to beat! Let me know if there's anything in this post that you'd like me to review or take a closer look at, or what you'd like to see in next week's 'What's In My' post! 

Thankyou for reading <3

Zelda x



  1. I got that Michael Kors watch for my birthday as well and I am still so in love with it!
    Just to let you know I have nominated your for the Liebster Awards :)

    1. I love it so much too, it's so so pretty!
      Ah thank you! I've already done one Liebster Award but I've been nominated a few times since then so I'll include your nomination in a new one! Thanks for commenting xxx

  2. I just love your blog now following :D just love that watch it's so pretty :O very envious and those lush goodies I was eyeing up the Mr Bumble today for a gift for my friends baby sister it looks so cute :') x


    1. Yay thank you!
      I've still not got around to using little Mr Bumble yet, he's way too cute!!
      Thanks for commenting xxx


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