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Hello everyone! I've recently fallen in love with the clothes on Boohoo.com, a lot of the pieces are exactly the same as pieces that you'd find on the high street, but much, much cheaper. Since I got a brochure through the post offering me 20% off of my order, I decided to hop on over and have a gander at what they had to offer. This is what happened!

After going to see Paramore live for my 18th birthday, I felt very inspired. If you've read my Liebster post,  you'll know that Hayley Williams is one of my fashion icons, and during that particular gig she was wearing a super shiny pair of latex leggings from Syren and as soon as I saw them, I wanted them. Slight problem though, the Syren leggings came in at a hefty $150, which is just over £90. Ouch.

I really struggled finding photos of Hayley wearing these that were half decent quality, so ended up with these! She has a black pair and a red pair, although you really do have to see them in person to get the full 'effect'!
In my mind, these really do blow every single other pair of 'wet look' leggings out of the water. Excuse the pun. I didn't lie when I said SUPER shiny. Damn, she could probably see her own reflection in those if she held her leg up high enough, and I LOVE them. 
So, the hunt began for a pair of 'latex look' leggings at a budget price and I must say, the search was extremely difficult. In the least crude way possible, latex leggings, even though coming into fashion, are widely considered as 'fetish' wear. Now, that is far FAR FAR from what I want to wear them for, and needless to say, I went through some very scary searches. Let's not go there. 

But alas! Boohoo.com to the rescue! As if by miracle, I came across this pair of Ruby High Shine Leggings for just £10, and they do look suspiciously like Hayley's latex ones if I do say so myself! For a fraction of the price of the Syren leggings, I felt obliged to snap these right up, they're made of polyester and are definitely more comfortable than the full latex ones would have been!
(And for those of you wondering, yes I may have put these on and jumped around my room singing bad renditions of Paramore songs whilst pretending to be Hayley... But I digress...)

I decided while I was on the website I might as well have a look around, came across these Fiona Tartan Shorts, and instantly fell in love. They came in at £18, which is fairly reasonable for shorts these days so I thought 'why not?!' and added them to my basket. Tartan print is becoming increasingly popular, and during the winter I tend to wear shorts/skirts over 37581918 pairs of layered tights rather than a pair of jeans. I thought these would be a really cute little staple pair of shorts for the winter, and they're surprisingly warm which is a bonus! However, I bought a size 8 and I'm not sure if they've been labelled wrong as they're huge on me. Ah well, nothing a bit of alteration can't fix I guess.

That's all for my Boohoo.com purchases, and apart from the whole 'shorts sizing situation', I'm very VERY impressed. They stocked my beloved 'Hayley dupe' leggings when literally nowhere else did, and loads of other really cute items at half the price that you'd pay in a high street store. I'll definitely be purchasing a lot more from Boohoo in the future! 



  1. Really cute blog :) Those leggings are fantastic value! Following you on GFC now yay!

    www.tigerlilybeauty.blogspot.com | UK Beauty Blog


    1. Thankyou! I know, I can't get enough of them! :)
      Eeeee thanks! Gave you a follow back xxx

  2. I haven't looked on the Boohoo website for ages, I completely forgot about it, looks like they have some pretty bits online!
    becky x


    1. Me too until I got the little brochure through the post, I'm so glad I did!


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