BLOGMAS Week Four | Christmas Day, Gigging, Longboarding & Pressies!

I'll first start by apologising for the different Blogmas header, it was only after I got to my dad's house that I realised I'd forgotten my laptop, so I'm currently using his! That also means that all the photos I took on my camera won't be added until I get home after New Year's, but luckily my dad snapped a few on his huge-ass-bigger-than-mine camera. 

Well, what a week! It's always upsetting when Christmas comes to an end, and getting back to my normal every-day life is just not enjoyable in my books. Some say that if we had Christmas every day, we wouldn't appreciate it, but oh boy give me the magic of Christmas every day and I'll be in paradise. 

 I suppose I'll start with Christmas Day, I didn't get up to anything fancy or go anywhere posh, the whole family came to my dad's house instead. It was really nice getting together and enjoying a day with my family - they live all over the place so it's rare that we all ever see each other at once (although, with 14 adults, one dog, two cats, and a baby all in the same room, the house seemed to shrink significantly!) I was especially excited to see my 9 month old baby cousin Imogen, who I'd only ever seen once, when she was asleep. She was so so adorable and it quite possibly made my Christmas dressing her up as a little elf!

 When the time for present giving came around, my Dad decided to get everyone matching Christmas jumpers, made us all open them before dinner, and then made wearing them compulsory at the dinner table. Genius I tell you, genius. In true festive fashion, we put the camera on timer and took some cringey family photos. 

  I was extremely lucky to receive what I did this Christmas, and I must admit, I felt well and truly spoiled! I've decided against doing a generic 'What I Got For Christmas' post, but seeing as I got a lot of beauty related bits and bobs *Lush..-cough-..MAC..-ahem-..* do expect to see reviews and posts of the sort in the New Year! 

♥ Nathan's a drummer, he's in a band, and after months of rehearsals and practise, they played their debut gig at a local music venue on Saturday night! I'm literally so proud of him, their music sounded awesome, the light show that went with it was fantastic and so many people showed up to support them! If there's one thing I want to see in life, I'd love to see Nath and his band mates succeed.

  Me and Nath also went out on a whim and amongst other small gifts, decided we were going to buy each other longboards (don't ask why!) Nathan's always been a skater, and it always looked like a lot of fun when he did it so I decided I wanted to get in on the act. We decided to go out on them yesterday, and naturally, I almost went flat on my arse several times. Once I got used to it though, it actually ended up being stupidly fun! We were going so fast downhill and by the summer I can see myself bombing around on it like it's nobody's business.

I found it so hard to condense this week down into one, readable post - so much cool Christmassy stuff happened, but if I typed it all out we'd be here for days. Literal days. Weeks maybe. This is also the last Blogmas post that I'm going to do, as in two days it'll be January... eeeeeek! If you enjoyed Blogmas please do let me know, it'd be lovely to hear your responses and maybe I'll even keep the whole 'weekly summary' thing going! 

I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas, and have a lovely New Year! 



  1. Aww, Happy Holidays!
    I hope you had an amazing xmas!
    E | Beauty/Skincare | Cocoamourr

    1. Thankyou! You too!
      Thanks for commenting :)


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