BLOGMAS Week One | Getting Festive, Christmas Shopping & Lush, Lush, Lush

Hello everyone! It's finally December, Christmas is drawing ever closer and I'm so excited I could quite literally cry (with joy). The horrible thing is that I'm either at work or college every day of the week, so it's pretty much impossible for me to have any spare time on my hands, let alone participate in daily blogmas posts :( Curse you, education and festive retail season... 
HOWEVER I still really want to join in with blogmas, so I'm going to attempt to provide you with a 
weekly roundup of my festive activities and what I've been getting up to. Cue a rather photo-heavy, busy first week of December!

♥ I bought christmas decorations
 I festive-ified my bedroom
 I did my first bit of Christmas shopping
 I got my nails did (sort of...)

The first thing I noticed whilst putting up the tree in the lounge was the distinct lack of Christmas decorations in my room. Having recently bought a new little tree from Homebase last year, I decided it would only be fair to grab it some cute balls ahem.. and spruce it up a bit.

Balls, Reindeer & Lights - Lidl
And this is the final outcome! I live right behind a Lidl store, and they always have a decent amount of Christmas stuff in there so I decided to take a trip. I ended up buying 5 tubes of mini baubaules, some little clippy reindeer things and battery powered lights that were originally on some twigs - I'll explain later.

Teddy Bear Decoration - Gift, Flower Fairy Lights - Homebase
I love my little jingly bear to pieces, he was gifted to me from the best Nan and Grandad in the world and he's lived to see every Christmas since. The fairy lights on my bed are always there, but I felt that they added to the cosy-ness. Take a peek at my window-sill and you'll spot a slight bit of DIY and a festive squirrel...

Sheep - Home Decor @ TK Maxx, Twigs - Lidl, Plastic Container - Jelly Belly, Squirrel - Homebase, Mini Hat - Innocent Smoothie.
 As some of you may notice, I took some inspiration from Zoe's Christmas bedroom video and decided to give the twigs idea a try. Partly because I thought it looked pretty, and partly because the fairy lights that came wrapped around the twigs in the first place were the perfect length for my tiny little tree. Obviously I didn't want to put the twigs to waste so I cut them down, clipped a reindeer on them and shoved them into an empty container that used to be full of jelly beans. Wrapped some ribbon round it and bam, Christmas sorted.
Oh, and I bought my festive squirrel last year, but decided that getting him a little bobble hat would really add to the cute-ness. Thank you, Innocent Smoothies.

Wooden Candle Holder - Sainsburys, Red Sparkly Candle - Lidl, White Candle - Febreze, Bunting & Plaque - Sainsburys.
 Last but not least, a cute little bunting, a festive quote and a good ol' candle or two (there are actually three candles, but the third one was an absolute pain in the a-hole to photograph, so I gave up). The little white candle in the glass is my favourite, it's a Christmas edition Febreze one that I picked up in Savers for just over £1, and it smells DIVINE. It's meant to smell like vanilla and snow, or something along those lines - it's the best smell ever.

A few days later I decided I should probably start christmas shopping. I made two major mistakes that night, 1 - Don't go to Bluewater (huge UK shopping centre) on a Saturday, even if it's 8pm, you will get mobbed, and 2 - Going late means that Lush will most definitely run out of all the good stuff before I even get to smell and/or buy it.

Nevertheless, after buying my boyfriend a few bits and pieces - which I wont mention just in case he reads this - and doing some shopping for my family I decided to treat myself to a trip to Lush.

 After running out of my beloved Angels on Bare Skin, I waltzed into the shop to pick up another, when a Lush lady asked if I'd like to try the 'festive version' of it instead. Not one to say no, I gave it a whiff and if there was ever a christmas smell, this is it. The classic lavender smell has been replaced with cranberries and brandy and it's so yummy, almost all of the other ingredients (apart from a few essential oils) are exactly the same as Angels AND it was cheaper. Win.

 This is where my second biggest mistake took place. Walked into the shop, looked for the magic wand bubble bar, stand was empty. Looked for the melting snowman and/or penguin, baskets were empty. Almost all the good festive bits were gone. Boo. That'll teach me to go to a Lush store late on a Saturday, eh. However I DID manage to grab hold of a Candy Mountain Bubble Bar and I am in love.

The last thing I grabbed were these little stick on nails from Savers for something like £2. I'm not one to go and get my nails done, but these were too pretty to leave, and £2 isn't exactly going to break my bank. So far they've lasted really well and I've had a lot of compliments - nobody even realised they were stick-on nails until I mentioned it.

And that's really all I got up to on my first week of Blogmas, nothing really of any significance, but if it makes you happy reading about my festive adventures then that's good enough for me! Did you jingle some bells or deck some halls this week? Leave a comment below and let me know what you got up to:) WOO CHRISTMAS YEAH.

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