BLOGMAS Week Two | Urban Decay, Christmas Shopping & More Decorations!

It's Blogmas Week Twooooooo *cue sleigh bells*
I'll be honest with you, this week has been nowhere near as interesting as last week, with college and work, I've not really had the time to do anything festive. 

However, my dad recently arrived home from a trip to New York with his work (the lucky sod), and brought me back a few gifts which excite me no end!
Now I'm sure a lot of you will be surprised when I say I'm a 'Naked Pallette Virgin' and have never owned one. The exchange rate means that products are a lot cheaper to buy in America than in the UK, so I decided to ask for a Naked Pallette, and low and behold, my dad, a man who had absolutely no idea what I was on about, managed to find it in Macy's - bless him! I can only imagine what he must've looked like walking up to the counter haha. He picked the original pallette and I couldn't be happier with it!

The colours are so beautiful and I can't quite believe I didn't own this sooner. I'll be doing multiple festive looks with this I think! The pallette comes with a mini version of the UD Primer Potion, and because my dad spent over a certain amount, he also got a little bag with another 'Anti-Ageing' Primer Potion, a double ended eyeliner pencil and a mini version of the B6 Complexion Spray, which I'm eager to try out!

He also picked up this really cute Christmas decoration, which I have now fashioned as my tree-topper. The underlying story behind this is that I went ice-skating for my 11th birthday, and with only 5 minutes of rink time left, I went flying, fell flat on my arse and broke my nose for the second time. He got this because it reminded him of me and that moment, which he thought was hilarious.

Next on my to-do list was to start the family Christmas shopping (eeeek). I didn't really take any photos as it was waaaay too manic for my liking - Bluewater on a Saturday evening - you can just imagine how hectic it got. However, we did enjoy a cracking burger at Ed's Diner and may have had a few cheeky Krispy Kreme's too...

Finally, I picked up some more new festive decorations for my room -slaps wrist-
This pack of three wooden reindeer caught my eye first, they were so, so cute and only cost a few pounds. I got one small, one medium and one large reindeer and I'm thinking of naming them, feel free to comment suggestions below :)

Reindeer - Pack of 3, Sainsbury's, Chest of Drawers - TKMaxx

The final thing I picked up was this little baby penguin. He was £7 and when you squeeze his foot he flaps his wings like penguins do and sings 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas' in the CUTEST baby penguin voice I have ever heard and OMG I JUST CAN'T HE MELTED MY HEART HE HAS A BOBBLE HAT I HAD TO HAVE HIM JKASFDASKJLGGADHL!!!!
-breathes for a moment-

Baby Penguin - Sainsbury's

 Now I've finished freaking out/fangirling over the baby penguin, I think I'll end the post here! Next week is my last week of college, and we've got a trip to London coming up on Wednesday so next week's Blogmas post should be a good'un!

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