A LUSH Festive Season

One particular store seemed like it kept popping up for most of us this Christmas, and that store was LUSH. I thought I'd show you all the bits and pieces I received from LUSH this Christmas, I always enjoy rambling on about their products, and it gives you guys a chance to have a nosey as well!

Top L-R: Magic Wand Bubble Bar, Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, Rockstar Soap
Bottom L-R: Snowman Bath Bomb, Snow Fairy Shower Gel 
 I'll start with the Christmas Candy Box, because even when this was wrapped up under the tree I could smell exactly what it was. This is full of sweet, candy and marshmallow scented stuff that to be honest, is pretty hard not to smell.
The box did have a lovely silver bow around it, but I didn't think to keep it for photos, dived straight in and I've since lost it, booo :(. A Popcorn Lip Scrub (my faaavourite, might I add) also came in the box
, but silly old me completely forgot about it and left it in my bag when I was taking the photos, duuuuh. The Magic Wand bubble bar wasn't originally included, but I wanted one soooo much, so when my mum found one the LUSH people managed to squeeze it in there with the rest, bless their hearts. NOW I CAN BE A BATHTIME FAIRY PRINCESS SQUEEEEE!

L-R: Avobath Bath Ballistic, Tisty Tosty Bath Ballistic
Nathan managed to wander his way into LUSH and pick me up a few bits, bless him, I couldn't imagine him being more lost anywhere else! The Avobath Bath Ballistic smells really fresh and citrusy, I can imagine it'd be a good one to use for a morning wake-up, and Tisty Tosty is just too cute for words, it's like buying me a bunch of roses LUSH style and I love it. The Fun Christmas Set is well... fun! They were all round but I've already used some of the red and orange ones, they all have different scents for different purposes and I find it really therapeutic squidging them into creative masterpieces.

L-R: Space Girl Bath Ballistic, Creamy Candy Bath Bubble Bar, Think Pink Bath Ballistic, The Comforter Bubble Bar
A belated Christmas present that I only received today, the Bunty Box. This is what I would describe as a very 'girly, floral but fruity' smelling box. Apart from The Comforter Bubble Bar which I've used previously and loved because makes you feel like you're in a bath of Ribena, I've not actually tried any of the other bits so that's exciting. I'm particularly looking forward to using the Think Pink Bath Ballistic, as I hear it has lots of little confetti hearts inside - and if that doesn't scream 'girly pamper bath time' then quite frankly, I don't know what does. Damn, I love being a girl sometimes. ALL HAIL LUSH.

P.S. This was actually meant to be posted like half an hour ago but I put The Little Mermaid on and got distracted and now I can't stop singing Part of Your World at the top of my lungs. So I apologise, partly for posting late, and partly for if you just so happen to be my neighbours, and can hear me screeching loudly, trying to sound like Ariel.



  1. Ooo I really want the wand one! Looks so pretty!:) followed! Would be great if you could check out my blog?:)
    www.trustinvogue.com xxx

    1. It's so cute, I can't wait to swish it around in the bath!
      Thank you so much :) Heading over to your blog as we speak!


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