Primark Bargains & Benefit Envy

Before I start I'd just like to say a huuuuuge thanks to everyone that's nominated me for the Liebster Award, it's crazy, and very humbling to know that you actually appreciate my little tiny blog! Adding all the questions to the Liebster post I wrote a while back really isn't doing them any justice, so I've decided I'm going to make a Liebster page dedicated to all your lovely questions, so look out for that.

Aaaanyway, I ventured into Primark for the first time in forever yesterday and may have accidentally tripped with an armful of clothes right next to the till, and my card may just have happened to fall into the card machine...

It's getting cold, I needed a scarf that went with everything but hate when the fluff from scarves sticks to your eyelashes then gets in your eyes and urgh. Am I the only one? 
So, I went for the non-fluff option and picked up this paisley print scarf for £4.00 and I luuuurve it. I've not yet gone a day without wearing it. 

 I've got the same excuse for these mittens, it's cold outside and I'd yet to have purchased a pair of gloves. They're navy so are a little harder to match up with other bits but I can see past that because these were only £1.00... ONE POUND! I couldn't leave them behind.

 I've really taken to going to bed in a slouchy top and some over-the-knee socks lately, it's so super comfy and weirdly, it keeps me warmer than pajama bottoms alone. I saw these really thick cosy lovely socks and knew they'd be perfect. I got them in charcoal and they were £2.50.

This gorgeous dress is by far my favourite purchase. It's a bottle green velvet-y bodycon dress that comes down to just above the knee and the photos really don't do it justice at all. And better still, this was reduced to £5. A fiver. That's all I paid for it. The smile has still not yet left my face.

Moving swiftly along, I made my very first Benefit purchase and it isn't even for me -sobs quietly-. When I say 'very first', I mean that I usually end up having other people buy Benefit for me, as poor old little student me can't afford to buy my own! It's my dad's girlfriend's birthday on Monday and she has adored this ever since it was released, so me and my dad went halves and bought it for her, shhhhh! 
I'm so very, very jealous. It's the most gorgeous rose gold colour and it honestly has to be seen in real life to get the full 'experience'. I might have to save up and get myself one, it's far, far too pretty!

I'm finally starting to catch up with my college work, I've got my start date for work and I'm definitely feeling less stressed, which means I'll have more time to start blogging again! Yay! I'm going to start going for runs too, to clear my head from all the god damn paperwork and keep myself a little fitter, which'll be a nice change! 



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    1. I'm so so jealous of it haha, photos never really did it justice until I saw it in real life and was just in awe! xxx

  2. I totally get the "fluff from knitted stuff getting into eyes" issue. It is very annoying indeed haha. Love the Benefit blush|highlighter btw :)

    1. Isn't it just the most annoying thing in the world?!
      Me too haha, I'm going to start saving for my own one I think!

  3. Hello, my blog from last year was deleted and unfortunately I am starting my blog from scratch again, so right now it's nothing special & wont seem all that interesting, however please follow/subscribe to it as I could do with all the support I could get right now on getting it back on track & rebuilding it back up. Thankyou so much! Katherine x


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