Review | Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencil

Recently I've been paying a lot more attention to my brows. No matter how amazing the rest of your makeup is, if you leave brows unfinished it kills the look completely (for me, anyway). A great arched brow can soften the face and instantly add femininity, but believe me I've been through some 'man brow' looks in my time. 

Right up until last year, I never really payed that much attention to how my brows looked, and I came across some photos from when we went on a college trip to Disneyland Paris (best trip ever, might I add), and god almighty my brows were terrible. I was ashamed to have let Minnie Mouse see me like that. 

However, I did my research, I groomed my brows properly and have since been experimenting with different products in order to find my perfect brow. I don't think I've found my holy grail quite yet, but until then I wanted to share this little number with you, which has been pretty impressive. It's the 'Soap & Glory Archery Brow Tint & Precision Shaping Pencil' in Brownie Points. What a mouthful. 

Holy packaging, this box looks good. I don't know what it is about the S&G packaging that makes me fall more and more in love with it every time, but it just does. This retails at £10 which given, might not be the cheapest drugstore brow pencil ever, but personally I think it's well worth it. 

Left: Brow tint
Right: Precision pencil

The packaging for the pen itself is really sleek and light and lovely, thin enough to look and feel nice but sturdy enough that I could throw it in my bag and not have to worry about it. I guess the only downside to this product is that there are currently only two colours - one for brunettes and one for blondes.

The two ends are really quite cool, you use the brow tint first to fill in your brows, and then the precision pencil afterwards to further shape any unruly bits. I love the brush that comes with the tint, it's so thin and precise and is absolutely amazing for drawing on individual hairs. I was worried that it might dry out, but this hasn't been the case whatsoever.

The pencil is a twisty-uppy one, and is a perfect colour match for the tint. I wasn't overly impressed with the formula at first as it seemed quite dry, but after using it a bit it's softened up and does not budge all day. 

Left: Precision pencil
Right: Brow tint
Despite there only being two colours available, this brown colour is quite versatile and buildable. I have light brown hair and one sweep over my brows works fine, but I could easily build up the colour and use more of the tint if I wanted, to acheive a much darker brown. I do still tend to tidy up around my brows afterwards with a concealer as I prefer them defined, but that's just me, and this is still great without.

I really like the idea of the brow tint, I love how it applies and how precise it is, but I'm still not sure on the formulation of the pencil. I'm still on the hunt for my perfect brow product, I'm itching to try a HD Brows kit and/or Benefit's Brow Zings, but quite frankly, they'll have to wait until I get paid!

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