Silver Hair, Summer Nails & Winter Candles

After having a blonde streak in my hair for almost 6 years (I didn't actually realise it was that long until I typed it out... eeeek) I decided I wanted a change and that I was going to dye it a lilac/silver colour. Both my best and worst decision ever. 
It looks so pretty, but it's so difficult to upkeep and I can see myself spending so much money doing so! The whole 'hair dying' scenario is what prompted me to head into town and buy some stuff to help me keep up my colour. And plus, it would've been rude not to have a little look around whilst doing so, wouldn't it?

Smart Beauty Pastel Dyes - Savers, £2.99 each
First of all, the dyes themselves. I was debating getting a more 'well known' dye from a brand like Bleach London or Directions, but thought I'd use these first just in case I absolutely hated the colour. Turns out these aren't all that bad, and for only £2.99, are totally worth it. I didn't end up using the lilac one because Silver Moon was the perfect mix of lilac and silver, and I'm now on the hunt for a longer lasting silver dye. If you know any, do let me know!!

 I guess these are pretty self explanatory, I needed a decent colour shampoo to keep the silver colour up as long as possible, and I've had nothing but good experiences with Dove shampoos so thought I'd give these ones a go. 

I already have Pro-Voke's Intensive Silver Shampoo and used to use it to get rid of the orange in my what-once-was-blonde hair. When I saw the conditioner to match I was all over it, and hopefully this'll help to keep my silver, silver!

Okay so this one's quite random, I bought one of these just before Christmas and burned it to death because it smelt divine. In fact, it's starting to become my favourite smell, and considering it's a limited edition winter scent, I decided to stock up while I can!

I'd ran out of lash glue and never thought to pick up another bottle. I saw this in Savers and grabbed it, it's always worked really well and never let me down, and let's face it, there's nothing wrong with feeling a little more fabulous and wearing false lashes every once in a while.

Expect a full review of this little wonder soon because holy moly I'm in love. I've started paying more attention to my brows lately and this caught my eye because it's not only a pencil, but a tint too. Double whammy alert! It can tackle every look from defined, sharp brows to natural ones and I give it an A*.

I'm really bad at keeping my nails looking nice, and I'm a self confessed nail-biter. I got some of these nails in an aubergine colour for Christmas and they've actually lasted really well and made my nails look lovely (I never thought I'd see the day). I found these on offer in Savers for just £1.69 and had to have them, the colour is gorgeous and I can see them being perfect for the summer. 

Also, I've finally ordered some proper lighting! So once I've got that in my hands, I'll do a little before and after post so you can have a gander at my silver locks.


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