Beauty Blender - Worth the Hype?

I was lucky enough to receive a beauty blender-sponge-type-makeup-applicator-whojamaflip-whatchamacallit-thingy this Christmas, and after three vigorous months of testing (not as violent as it sounds, I promise!) I'm going to share my thoughts on it with you.

My exact sponge is this one from Beauty Bay and retails at £16, however there are other similar, cheaper offerings such as this one from Real Techniques and this one from Superdrug. Now, I've never really been a 'sponge application' gal and have always opted for brushes, however all I'd heard was good things about the Beauty Blender so even though using a sponge wasn't exactly my fort√©, I was excited to try it out.

The sponge is almost like a 'teardrop' shape, small and pointy at one end to get into all the nooks and crannies, and big, round and flat-ish at the other. My first experience with this sponge was a nightmare to say the least - I was completely unaware that you had to make it wet before using it, ended up sponging makeup straight onto my face with a dry sponge and ended up in a bit of a dry, patchy mess. I was confused. How could something so hyped up be so, well... crap?

A couple of googles later and I realised I had completely gotten the wrong end of the stick. 

So it turns out when you run it under water, it expands to at least double the size, and becomes a lot softer and more bouncy. A damp sponge means it won't hold on to product, and more will end up on your face rather than mysteriously disappearing into the sponge, never to be seen again. Snazzy, eh?

When I apply my makeup with this sponge I feel like it takes a lot more time and effort to blend in the product, rather than just swirling a brush around, which means if I'm in a rush, it's a no-go. When I do take the time to use it properly, the results are lovely and it really does give a 'no-makeup' makeup finish, however for me there is one downside. 

At this particular moment in time my skin is quite blemishy and red, and when I apply makeup with this sponge it gives such a sheer finish, I get hardly any coverage over my red bits. I thought maybe it was the concealer I was using so changed it, but to no avail - my red bits were still sticking out like a sore thumb. I feel as if this would be an amazing product to use in the summer when I tend to go for a sheerer, lighter coverage and when my skin is clear, but for winter, late mornings and 'bad skin days' I'll still always pick up a buffing brush over this for ease of application and better coverage.

Worth the Hype?
Yes - For summer, light coverage and good skin days, that is...



  1. I use the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and agree that sponges don't create a good coverage, you can still see most of my imperfections after using it, but I feel it would be great for summer x


  2. I agree! I have a feeling I'll grow to love this during warmer months, maybe just not quite yet! xxx

  3. When I tried to use a sponge all my foundation soaked into it so I vowed never to try it again, but after seeing this post I realise that I was infact the problem... definitely going to my local boots tomorrow to give the ol' sponge another whirl!

    sliceofpureheaven.blogspot.co.uk xx

    1. Ah go for it, hopefully the sponge'll treat you better this time :')


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