High Street Spring Sunnies

It's rare that I'll ever find a style of sunglasses that completely suit me. It's difficult to pin down, but apparently I just have a bit of a weird shaped... face? I've strangely ended up with a tiny face, meaning glasses like aviators are a complete no-no (this pains me no end, they look so cool). The one pair of sunglasses that suit me are my dad's 20 year old Ray Ban Wayfarer II's which, to tell you straight, are worth more than my life. 

The hunt was on for a cheap pair of high street sunnies that wouldn't break my bank (or my heart) if I dropped them/sat on them/inadvertently flung them off of the top of my head. Although the cheapest option, I can never trust buying sunglasses online as I just can't get a good grip on how big or small they'll be on my face, or whether they'll make me look like a bug-eyed mess. Low and behold, my local Topshop had the answer to my prayers.

Topshop - £16.00

I ended up trying on every single pair of shades that Topshop had to offer before I came across these - because naturally, they were the pair I tried on last. Admittedly, they weren't the cheapest in the world at £16.00, however good old student discount brought them down to £14.40, which I could bring myself to part with. 

They're a gorgeous peachy colour with a similar coloured lens - something I never thought I'd go for! They fit my face like a dream, they're a unique, quirky shape and I love them to pieces. 

They also came with a free transparent case and matching cleaning cloth, from which you could choose purple, orange, or yellow. The orange and yellow were bright neon, and kind of clashed with the peachy glasses, so me being forever picky went with the purple. 

All this time I thought I'd be stuck wearing the same Wayfarer style of sunnies for the rest of my life, but branching out on the hunt for something new really payed off. I feel so much better knowing I have a little pair of knock-around glasses to cart around with me when I don't want to risk taking out the Ray Bans.

I can't seem to find this exact pair on the Topshop website, so head into store if you want to hunt them down! 



  1. I'm quite lucky to suit almost any kind of sunglasses but this shape fits best. I definitely need to get my hands on these x


    1. Ah I'm very jealous! I think these are kinda like Wayfarers in the sense that they tend to suit a lot of face shapes, they're definitely a pair to keep an eye out for :)

  2. i always tend to go for the wayfarer shape sunglasses too - but these are so pretty! definitely going to have a look at them next time I'm in topshop. xx


    1. They were far far too pretty for me to leave behind and now I hardly go a day without them haha, definitely keep an eye out for them! xxx

  3. I'm exactly the same - I can never find sunglasses to suit my face! I'll have to try and find these, they look gorgeous x

  4. Nice post my dear,you have a great blog.

    I'm following you,hope you'll do the same

  5. These are lovely! I've been looking a good pair of sunnies for ages!xx

    1. Thank you! Give Topshop a try, they had loads of other gorgeous pairs as well as these xxx


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