Super Soft Summer Lips

Wind chapped, dry lips are definitely top of my list when it comes to most annoying problem ever. I used to end up getting dry lips so easily, the most moisturising of lipsticks would still cling to dry patches even after applying 50 different kinds of lip balm. That is, until these bad boys came along...

LUSH None Of Your Beewax Lip Balm £5.75
LUSH Popcorn Lip Scrub £5.50

Oh LUSH, you've done it again. I've never really considered LUSH for anything other than their bath bits, but their cosmetics are UH-MAZING. It's safe to say I'm still a massive LUSH person, and I've yet to be disappointed by them. Their Popcorn Lip Scrub paired with their None of Your Beeswax Lip Balm makes the perfect treatment for my lips. I must admit, when I bought these I wasn't really thinking about the flavours - the sugary caramel taste of the scrub and the lemony freshness of the balm don't make for the greatest of pairs, but I can live with it. 

I think one of the coolest things about Popcorn is that you can just scrub it on, lick it off and be on your way. A lip product that's actually edible, for real? Count me in. And for the record, it does taste exactly like cinema popcorn. None of Your Beeswax is very light and super refreshing, and almost feels like it's going to be bumpy when you stick your finger in it, but when applied it melts into the lips like a dream and is the smoothest balm I've ever tried. 

Please excuse the schoolgirl error of the 'used product' photos, I waited about 5 seconds after buying them before grabbing both out of the bag and using them straight away - I just couldn't contain myself. Forgive me!  
Despite its name, None of Your Beeswax doesn't actually contain beeswax. Instead, it pairs shea butter with coconut oil to replace the beeswax and give it a super light, moisturising feel on the lips. Popcorn also contains the super duper ingredient of coconut oil, so it still gives moisture to the lips despite being scrubby! 

Applying the scrub followed by the balm gives the best result I've ever had from any lip treatment. Ever. Crazy comparison here, but you know when you get out of the shower/bath, moisturise your freshly shaved legs, brush them past each other and it feels silky soft like a baby's bum? That's how my lips feel after using these. 

I will definitely not be letting dry lips get the better of me this summer, new lipsticks here I come! I got 99 problems but DRY LIPS AIN'T ONE. Eat your heart out Jay-Z. 

Please let me know if you've tried out any other LUSH cosmetic bits that are worth buying, or any other flavours of these ones - I'm well and truly intrigued! 



  1. I love the lush lip scrubs, especially the Bubblegum one, it tastes so good! x


    1. Haven't tried the bubblegum one yet but it's next on my list, it looks amazing! xxx

  2. I never tried the lipscrubs from Lush. I feel a little lame haha
    I NEED to try them ASAP.


    1. Don't feel lame! I was really late on the bandwagon of the lip scrubs but now I can't live without mine - try one soooon! xxx

  3. I have wanted one of the lip scrubs for so long now and now I am even more tempted to buy one!

    Fleur x

  4. I've been meaning to pick up a lush lip scrub for so long, this one sounds amazing! I have the most chapped lips in the history of the world and a mild addiction to matte lipstick, and the two don't really work very well together...

    Claire x | claireizabeth.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Oh I can imagine! I'm the same and honestly, the Lush lip scrubs have been an absolute lifesaver! xxx

  5. I just love the LUSH lip cosmetics especially the scrubs :) my fav is Bubblegum!! Great post xx

    www.krystelcouture.com | Giveaway

    1. Bubblegum is the next one on my list after this one's finished! Thankyou :) xxx

  6. Replies
    1. It really is, it's difficult to describe but it smells so so yummy xxx


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