A Little Birchbox Treat

I've been picking and choosing between beauty boxes for just under a year now, and after hearing so many good things, last November I decided to take the plunge and set up a monthly subscription to Birchbox. The thing I love about Birchbox is that by completing little surveys on the products you receive, you can collect up loyalty points which you can then spend in the online store. Being the little committed nugget that I am, I completed every single survey and managed to rack up 300 'Birchbox points', which is equivalent to £30 to spend in store. I picked up a few things from the online store, and with free delivery I got them for absolutely NOTHING! A steal if I ever did see one. 

First of all I picked out this TAAJ Himalayan Micellar Water, which would have normally cost me £15.00 or 150 points. I've been curious to try this water ever since the ever-so-lovely Zoe mentioned it in a favourites video (I think?) quite a while ago. L'Oreal got me into the micellar water hype last year with their offering, but I don't know if they've slightly changed the formula because it really does not agree with my eyes any more. Every time I use it my under eyes sting, turn red and end up very dry and flaky, boooo. :(

Since I heard Zoe singing it's praises I decided to give the TAAJ offering a try and so far, so good! It's a little more scented than other water's I've tried which made me wary at first, however it's so light on the skin and quenches my dry patches really nicely. Most importantly, it's SO much gentler on the skin around my eyes and very soothing too. WIN.

To make up my £30 I chose theBalm's Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter which would normally cost £15.00 or 150 points. I've been using up the highlighter in the Sleek Contour Palette and wanted a change, so decided to treat myself to a new one. I was having kittens at the thought that the powder was coming through the post and could potentially turn up broken, but it arrived in one piece in all its beautiful glory! It's a gorgeously pigmented gold(ish) coloured highlight and I think I've just found my new favourite thing in the world. Helloooooo glowing summer goddess. 

I'm so so impressed with what I was able to pick up for nothing through the points program! If you have a Birchbox subscription I suggest you try it too, it takes 5 minutes of your time and doesn't take long to build up a decent amount of points. Definitely a winner. 

If you're not subscribed to Birchbox and my post has gotten you interested, sign up using my unique referral link http://birchbox.co.uk/?raf=24403 to receive 50 Birchbox points (which is equivalent to £5) to get you started on the online store. You'll also be entered to win a Benefit Beauty hamper which includes all their best-sellers, worth £250! 

Big love, 

*Just a little disclaimer, I know I mention Birchbox a LOT in this post, however I'm not sponsored or backed by them to write this post in any way. I was just super impressed with the points system and what I managed to pick up just for completing little surveys every month - just throwing it out there! x*


  1. This is amazing, I don't have a subscription but this is making me want one!x
    Katherine Rosie | UK Beauty Blog

    1. I was honestly so impressed by the whole thing, and the beauty boxes are amazing too! I'm never disappointed by them so it's worth it! xxx

  2. This is so good and I really want to try the MaryLou Manizer! x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter | Topshop & Asos Haul

    1. You HAVE to try it, it's so lovely and does a pretty good job at giving me decent 'cheekbones' (mine are literally non existent haha) xxx

  3. You just made me wanna try these things out!
    Amazing post,love!
    Keep in touch xoxo

    1. You should! I'm yet to be disappointed by either product :) xxx

  4. These sound lovely! Fab post! (:

    Kelly x


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    Love from Daisy x

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