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Something a little different than the usual today, something a bit more personal. It's about to get sensitive up in here! Through my school and college years I went through a lot mentally, my health deteriorated and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't difficult. I've had to be a bigger person, put myself first for once and take the decision not to pursue university. Which is very scary. Whilst everyone around me is currently moving to new places and making 'don't forget for uni' lists, I'm out with the world at my feet and I'm not quite sure how to cope. 

My Future Listography - £11.95 
 That's where this little book comes in. I struggled through education (and still struggle today) with anxiety attacks and depression, but that's a story for another day, doom and gloom is not what I'm going for here! I was actually on the hunt for The Pointless Book when spotted this and a few other 'listography' books in Waterstones and thought they were too cute. They had just a normal 'listography', a music one, a film one, and a future one, which is the one I picked up.

'List moments in your life you don't want to forget'.
You're probably wondering the reason I'm opening up about all this and what the hell it has to do with a book (I don't blame you!). Through all my experiences, I've developed a lack of positivity and positive thinking, and flicking through this little book made me feel all warm and optimistic thinking about what I'd write on each list. The idea behind buying this other than to kill boredom with, is for the times when I'm feeling nervous, or down, or panicky, I can sit and write a list and feel positive about it.

'List animals you'd love to adopt'.
Aside from everything else, it's a lovely little idea and I'm glad I found it as so far, it's really helped as a method of coping (It's even helped prevent a few anxiety attacks here and there). This post seemed relevant as we're now in the season where people are thinking about their futures, off out into the scary big wide world like me, or off to high school/sixth form/college or university (in which case, hey I found a series of books for you to keep your lists in, yay!). I saw this book as a handy way to deal with stress and a way to list future hopes and aspirations in a fun way, which I suppose can be relevant to all of us in some way, one day or another! 



  1. I've been eyeing this book but have never taken the plunge and got it. I'm so glad that it helps you <3

    1. You should! Even if it's just a boredom buster, it's a lovely book to have xxx


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