Hey Hey Hey!

I only really meant to include two 'Hey's in the title but if you read it in the style of the song 'Blurred Lines' it'll all make sense. I'm getting delirious, can you tell? 

Topshop's line of cosmetics is really starting to make a name for itself, and I for one struggle to hold myself back whenever I come close to a counter. After a little browse I came across this nail polish in the shade 'Hey Hey' and became besotted by it.

Autumn's almost here and the darker, deeper shades of reds and greens and burnt oranges are creeping up on us, but no matter what the season, I am always a sucker for pastels. In Topshop's ever-so-cute signature polka dot packaging, I can safely say I've never seen anything like this nail polish before. It's got little white flecks distributed throughout the colour that really remind me of winter and ice and snow, especially against the pastel blue. I'm not sure if I'm more excited for Autumn or Winter, what's worse is I have an autumn birthday and I think I'm still looking forward to Christmas more.  Hence this purchase. 

I believe they had another lilac-y shade (the name escapes me) in the same style as this, but it just didn't please the little person inside of me longing for winter to come. The one issue I have with Topshop nail varnishes is that I find they chip quite easily, so I'd definitely recommend investing in a good quality top coat (Seche Vite etc.).

Are you excited for the colder months or am I getting waaaay ahead of myself?




  1. Such a pretty nail polish! Would be perfecto in the spring time, but ahh I totally agree about being excited for the Autumn/Winter time :} xx


    1. I totally agree, I just really couldn't wait to wear it till then so I'm being rebellious :') I'm glad I'm not the only one going a little crazy over the colder months either haha!


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