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Am I the only one who literally took ages to figure out how to pronounce the name of this bloody mask?! For ages I thought it was 'mag-na-min-ity' like some sort of foreign word for a volcano (because clearly, my reading/language skills are second to none). It's minty. M I N T Y. As if the scent and all the peppermint in it didn't give it away already. I question how I passed my exams sometimes. 

Anyhoo, I thought I'd write up a good ol' review on Lush's Mask of Magnaminty as I received the new, self-preserving formula as a birthday gift, yay! This is the first mask I've tried from Lush, and the self-preserving aspect plays a big part as to why. I only really use masks once in a blue moon, as most of the cheaper options tend to burn my skin red raw (hashtag allergy child problems). The whole 3-week expiry, keep it in the fridge thing for Lush's fresh masks just wasn't my cup of tea - I'd never get through it in time and end up throwing away half a pot. This one has a 3 month expiry rather than 3 weeks, and is au-naturel so I had no excuse not to give it a go!

I'll start with ingredients, as I think that's the most important thing about any Lush product. Peppermint oil is the main and most noticeable ingredient in this mask, and as soon as you remove the lid you're hit with a wave of mint and vanilla (although I've heard it's not as strong as the fresh version). Kaolin, marigold oil and honey also play a big part in nourishing and treating the skin, along with evening primrose and aduki beans acting as an exfoliant. All good things, all good things... but does it work?

I left my mask on for around 10 minutes the first time, 15 minutes the next, and there's no denying my skin looked a lot more refreshed. It was crazy, I scrubbed it off and for the first time in forever my skin was not red raw and didn't feel the slightest bit tight! I was having a bit of a stress breakout on my forehead, and after removing the natural green sludge from my face, I did notice a huge reduction in redness and general scabbiness, especially around bigger blemishes (mmm, sludge and scabs, this is such a classy conversation, right?). My skin looked very plump, bright and hydrated as well, everything the mask promised it'd do. Winnerrrr.

After using this I've definitely been persuaded to try some of the fresh face masks, I never realised quite the benefit a mask can have on the skin. I'd really like to investigate into the difference performance-wise between the self-preserving and fresh versions of this, let me know if it's something you'd like to see!

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