Review: Divergent Book Series

Want a good Autumn/Winter read? I have just the thing. Something a little different today, but I just can't resist a good book. Just before my holiday in August, I decided I wanted to start reading more. After all, beauty is knowledge, right? I bought Divergent by Veronica Roth well over a year ago and couldn't really get into it - it was on my e-reader anyway so I decided to give it another try before I bought anything new... man I'm glad I did!

I finished Divergent in two days, and immediately bought the next two books in the series. I was on holiday for 9 days and by the end of the trip and a 6 hour car drive later, I had finished the whole series. Bear in mind, these are not small books (the third and final book has 56 chapters - I'm used to around 20), but I have never read a series of novels so gripping with such shocking twists and turns. 

Book 1 - Divergent follows a 16 year old girl names Beatrice (Tris) living in a post-war city with her brother and parents. In a nutshell, she has to choose a 'faction' in which she will live for the rest of her life. I won't tell you which one she chooses as I don't want to spoil it! She meets an instructor named Four in said faction, and I don't think I've ever been so attracted to a fictional character in all my life. Holy crap.

Book 2 - Insurgent, and Book 3 - Allegiant are a lot harder to explain without telling you what happens in the previous books, as when you finish one, the next follows straight on afterwards with no break, which I LOVE. Insurgent almost gave me a heart attack when it ended and Allegiant made me cry multiple times and left me emotionally scarred for days. Yes they're that good. 

To anyone that's seen the Divergent film or is thinking of watching it - don't bother at least until you've read the book. I had to explain what was going on multiple times to my dad and boyfriend who were very confused as to what was going on. It misses out a lot of the good stuff, as well as some important bits too, so the books are a must read.

This series is definitely one for the readers who like to escape into the world of the book, and give it complete, undivided attention. It's got fights, deaths, romance, thrills, spills, and everything in between, and treats each situation in a mature, surprisingly realistic way. Who's read this series?! Let me know so we can swoon over Four together. 



  1. I absolutely loved this book series! I read all 3 in 4 days because I couldn't put them down x


    1. Ah yay! By far my favourite book series ever xx


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