Review: Lush - Retread Hair Conditioner

If you've had a nosey at my recent Lush haul (here), you'll have seen I picked up their Retread hair conditioner. I'm a big fan of Lush haircare anyway, and since the ends of my hair were looking a little lack-lustre, I decided this could do no harm!

Retread is mostly natural-yoghurt based, and no lie, it literally feels like you're sticking your hand into a Müller corner dessert then slathering it onto your hair. The point of this conditioner is to coat and repair the outer shaft of the hair cuticle, which is exactly what was needed for my ends, that were forever breaking off. 
The ingredients in this conditioner definitely pack a punch, with Agar Agar gel to soften and moisturise, whilst fresh cantaloupe melon conditions and cleanses. All that is then combined with 3 essential oils (jojoba, avocado, extra virgin olive oil) to add extra shine. And boy does it do shine well! I apply a scoop of conditioner to each half of my hair, then twist it all up and let it sit for a few minutes while I shave/wash my body/chill in the tub. 

The smell in the pot isn't the greatest - but the weird thing is that once the hair is all dry, it actually smells very fresh and has that 'clean' scent to it. Used in conjunction with my 'Curly Wurly' Lush Coconut Shampoo, I can safely say that my hair has never felt cleaner. Ever. 
I must admit it's not the greatest for detangling and I still find myself dragging my tangle teezer through my locks before I put it up to dry, but for sheer conditioning, it's great. My hair feels and looks so much healthier, shinier and more moisturised after using this, and it lasts right through until the next wash. 

In other reviews I've read, the new Retread formula apparently seems to work better on thinner hair rather than thicker hair. I wouldn't say I've got either thick or thin hair, I'm somewhere in the middle and it works just fine applying it to my ends!

Rating: 8/10 (Would be higher if it detangled better!)



  1. Hmm this looks like it's worth checking out next time I'm in Lush! I know what you mean about their products smelling different in the pot haha!

    Bf Gf Does Blogging

    1. Definitely worth a try if your hair needs a little repair, just try not to focus too much on the smell haha! xxx

  2. I never tried this before! I should really start getting more Lush products, they all seem so nice :)
    My hair is not too crazy so this could work!


    1. Lush never ever disappoint me, ever! Everything I've tried has been amazing so far, give it a try! :)


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