Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade in Medium Brown

I always lose my brows halfway through the day (not literally, they don't just up and run from my face haha). It always sucks if you have a particularly good brow day that morning, and by the afternoon it's like those perfect brows never existed and it's back to natural, sparse hair again. I decided enough was enough, and wanted to put my brows in their place once and for all! If you're an avid follower of any professional makeup artist, I'm pretty sure you would have seen this bad boy floating around one time or another. This is the infamous brow pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills. 

I suppose at £15 this isn't the priciest brow product out there (brow zings, I'm looking at you), but still quite a price to pay for mere eyebrows. However - this is not just any old brow product. Oooh no no no. Let me explain. First of all, the little black and golden glass pot feels so luxurious and not at all flimsy - and let's face it, we all deserve a little luxury in our lives. Second of all, it claims to be smudge-proof, water-proof, sweat-proof... pretty much life-proof, which is what sold it for me. After googling various swatches online (the website ones aren't all that accurate), I decided to choose the shade Medium Brown, which is one of the three newer shades added to the original 5.

What I love about all the colours in this range is that none of them have that weird, orangey-brown tone that you sometimes see in cheaper alternatives. They're all relatively ashy toned, making much more flattering and natural-looking once applied! I was so so happy with the colour I chose as it turned out to be the perfect match for my brows - I really recommend having a quick google for swatches like I did before you buy, I would have ended up with the complete wrong colour otherwise. So, how did it apply?

Please excuse my naked eye/face, I really couldn't be bothered to do any other makeup having just woken up haha! This was my first attempt at filling my brows with the pomade, just following my natural brow shape and not doing anything crazy! The standout quality of this product is how little of it had to use to fill in my whole brow, in fact I ended up using a bit too much at first and looking like slugs had set up camp on my face! Whilst it's wet it's very easy to either remove or blend out so my slug issue was easily overcome, but don't let that fool you as once it's set, it's not going anywhere fast! I'll be putting that to the ultimate test when I go to Thorpe Park tomorrow! 

The possibilities don't just end at a natural, bushy brow with this. The most popular look people tend to go for is that super slick, ombre-looking brow that fades into a perfect point - which by the way, I'll definitely be trying out! So far, an A* for the Dipbrow Pomade, and no more runaway brows either! Winner. 



New In: Zoella Beauty & Tanya Burr Lashes

Alright so I was having a really poopy day at work today (as always when I have to start my drive there at 5am), and on my break noticed that the Zoella Beauty range had FINALLY arrived in the Superdrug nextdoor. Not only that, just around the corner was Tanya Burr's new lash range too! I couldn't resist. 

One thing I didn't manage to pick up was Zoella's Blissful Mistful which had completely sold out by the time I got there, waaaaaah :(. The sample bottle was still there though, and I must say it smelt divine. Definitely one I'll have to go back in the morning and get! Instead I picked up the Fizz Bar and Let's Glow Candle, both with the same white wood and vanilla scent (unfortunately I just can't spray it all over me to my heart's content).

I'm pretty sure the world and it's grandma has seen these little beauties umpteen times already so I won't go into too much detail but oh god, can we just address how cutesy the packaging is? I love a good polka dot. I was reluctant to buy anything online (hence waiting for what felt like a lifetime for it all to come into my local store) for the fear of receiving them and not liking the smell at all. I should trust Zoe's judgement more, because I honestly don't know what I was worried about! The candle, although slightly smaller than I expected, has a gorgeous scent that isn't too overpowering and can be easily burned all year round, and the fizz bar has that same lovely scent. It's probably just my obsession for all things bath related, but who can say no to 8 fizzy fragrant baths of joy for a fiver? I certainly can't, apparently...

Having been super impressed with Tanya's Lips & Nails range, I couldn't hold myself back from the gorgeous lashes either. I'm not a huge false lash gal (although I used to be), so for the time being I picked up the most natural of the bunch. I think adding individual lashes to the collection is such a good idea, especially in various lengths! These will be perfect for adding onto my outer lashes to give them a bit of added flutteriness and 'va-va-voom' (LOL) without going for an all out, obvious strip lash.

Again very natural, the Everyday Flutter lashes literally do what they say on the tin. I personally hate strip lashes that go the whole way across my eye as I can never keep the inner corner stuck down, and it always ends up coming back and poking me in the eye a few hours later. I won't have that problem with these at all as they're only a half lash, and again they're very subtle and pretty, perfect for, well, an everyday flutter. Tan got these spot on! 

I'll probably do a separate review on the lashes once I've worn them to show how they look applied etc., so let me know if that's something you'd be interested in having a nosey at. Yay for YouTuber beauty products!!! So exciting.



Spooky Sparkly Pumpkin

Good evening my loves! The clocks going back an hour yesterday has really messed with my head, I keep getting far too tired far too early. On a brighter note, today I booked myself tickets to a Thorpe Park Fright Night (for all you non-uk'ers, big theme park, rides in the dark, 5 live horror mazes, spooky shizzle!) this Saturday, a day after Halloween, so decided to have a celebratory spooky bubble bath courtesy of Lush. Shock horror, no surprises there...

You might have seen in my most recent Lush haul (here) that I went a bit overboard on all the Halloween stuff. And by overboard, I mean I bought every single Halloween-related item I could shake a stick at. Tonight I decided to use the little cutie that is the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar. Was I impressed? Yes sir! Although the only niggle I had was that when it came to the first crumble, it was near impossible, thanks to my super cold house contributing to it being rock hard. It was like trying to crush a slab of concrete with my bare hands haha! A little warm water later and all was well. 

Also, before I forget, be aware that when Lush say 'sparkly', they certainly don't cut corners. The shimmer on this thing gets EVERYWHERE. I only ended up using half of this, and it made just the right amount of bubbles for me but by all means, feel free to go the whole hog and crumble the lot in! 

I can't quite put my finger on the scent of Sparkly Pumpkin, quite warm, quite spicy, and it didn't disappoint! (Not that Lush ever disappoint anyway). It turned my water a lovely shimmery golden orange with bubbles that smelt divine. Unfortunately I was too busy trying to get photos of the bloody thing and didn't realise the hot water running out halfway through running my bath. Nothing like a lukewarm soak to really relax you (naaaaht). So 20 minutes and a lukewarm tub of water later, I was in and out like a flash. 

I'm really excited to use up the other half of this in hopefully what will be a warmer bath! All of Lush's Halloween bits have gone straight into my good books so far, so here's hoping they stick around for Halloweens to come! What are you getting up to this All Hallows' Eve? 



My Go-To A/W Lip Duo

Yesterday I discovered the best thing ever - A brand new MAC store has just opened next to where I'm working. Meaning I don't have to travel all the way to London any time I want to swatch something, hallelujah! It sounds extortionate, but you know when online swatches just don't cut it and you need to just go and slather something all over the back of your hand? I'm one of those people. Although I'm not too sure my purse will be all that happy about the new arrival...

I've never been one for lip liner, but since receiving my first little MAC bullet I decided to get into good habits, as I'm sure there will be many more additions to my collection very soon! The lippy in question is MAC's Viva Glam III, which I've written a previous post about here. I wanted to try and find a near-perfect match of (preferably) drugstore lip liner, without even having the lipstick on hand to check against. A big ask? Probably. Until Rimmel came to save the day once again - they seem to be doing a lot of that lately!

Behold, Rimmel's Exaggerate Lip Liner in the shade 'Obsession' - a super slim twisty-uppy creamy liner that ticked all my boxes. I've seen other shades from the same range knocking about the blogosphere lately, as I hear 'Eastend Snob' is a pretty good dupe for a Kylie Jenner-esque lip, and I'd not seen any bad reviews either so it had everything in it's favour! The first time I swatched this I didn't actually buy it, however the fact that it managed to survive on the back of my hand for the rest of the day and through me dying my hair said everything. Needless to say, the next day it was in my bag.

Once I brought home the new arrival, I was pleasantly surprised at how much of a good match it actually was to Viva Glam III, both in the bullet and swatched. I feel that it's a very very slight bit more red than the lipstick, which to be honest doesn't bother me as it's going underneath anyway! For £3.99 it's longevity, creamy consistency and pigmentation are all outstanding - I'd easily pay double the price for it and I'm happy to use it alongside a high end product.

For an inexperienced lip liner user, I think I'll definitely be checking out the other shades Rimmel have to offer... especially if some more MAC lippies mysteriously make their way into my possession...




Winter Wishlist #1 | AllSaints

We're well on our way into Autumn now (I can tell because it literally hasn't stopped raining this past week - British weather 101 for ya!) and so far the new A/W season has been killer. I've been lusting over so many things this season, it would be impossible to cram it all into one post. So, across the season whether it be beauty, fashion, home or I'm gonna put together a series of wish lists, starting with AllSaints.

Ah AllSaints, the store I'd walk past all the time, looking into longingly ever since I started getting clued in on fashion, wishing I could go in and buy the whole god damn lot. On a student budget. Feel for me. You can imagine faint violins playing a sad song in the background to add to the sorrow if you want. Let's just pretend that budget doesn't exist for a second because HAVE. YOU. SEEN. the new A/W collection?! It was debuted at New York Fashion Week and it is beautiful. Be still my beating heart.

1. I'm a sucker for a leather biker jacket, and the Ayers Biker Jacket is no exception. Autumn and early winter is but the perfect time to wear a leather jacket - cold enough that you won't sweat like mad but not too cold that you'll turn into a human snowman. Layering is key with one of these! The attention to detail that's gone into this jacket really pleases me too, just the right amount of hardware. Love. 

2. The relaxed fit of the Kari Shirt Dress in this look is super gorgeous. Paired with the Reya Blazer, (the asymmetric front and contrast collar on this makes me weak at the knees), it creates such an effortless look - not too smart but not too casual either. A thigh high boot is something I've never been all that sure about, but the Sigrid Thigh High Boots have changed my opinion. They pull this whole thing together perfectly - also, they look flat, but don't be fooled, they have a very well hidden wedge inside. Perfect for people like me who want to wear heels, but literally cannot function without a flat sole. I suck at being a girl sometimes.

3. Drop everything right now and look at how bloody cosy the Nargo Wrap Shawl looks! Oh God. I'm struggling to find the right words to say about it, just because I neeeeeeed it! Imagine walking around Winter Wonderland being all cute, wrapped up snuggly and warm in this over that Ayers biker jacket from earlier. Love love L O V E.

4. This dress really does scream my name. If you know me, you'll know I love a unique black dress! Everything about the Zaphir Dress makes me fall more in love with it the longer I look at it. The length will be so flattering on anyone, and the sheer overlay gives it such a nice layered feel. You could easily dress this up or down to create a totally different look every time you wear it.

5. This has to be my favourite look of the bunch. The open shoulder feature on the Haff Jumper is an instant winner for me, not to mention the contrast with the beautifully embellished Cecile Dress underneath makes me feel all fuzzy inside. Combined with the Sigrid boots from earlier for another deliberate contrast, it manages to tie the whole look together perfectly.

Oh man, writing this post has me wishing for a pay-rise! AllSaints, when it comes to payday you'd better watch out. That's all I'm saying. 


*I was very kindly contacted by AllSaints and asked to work with them on a post, however all opinions and views shared are my own. Come on now, it's AllSaints, maybe it's just my obsession but how can you not love it? Starstruck much haha! Laters taters 


I Diddly Done Did Dyed My Hair...

'Ello my little blogging bunnies, long time no see. So, remember that interview I had 2 weeks ago? It was a success! Needless to say that's why I've been slightly M.I.A this week working my little butt off, making a good impression (I hope!) and making new friends. Now I know my set hours and stuff I can finally get back to my little corner of the internet, which I've missed dearly!

So if you've seen my face before, you'll have seen I had mousey brown hair (if not, my face appears here and here). Well, you can forget all that now as those days are numbered my friend! I woke up wanting to spontaneously dye my hair and that's exactly what I went out and did, darker to be precise! Eeeeek.

Look at that, me exposing my naked face to the interwebs - something I never thought I'd do (also let's all laugh at the failed selfies in the photo booth menu). With the help of someone much more experienced at dying hair than me, I went out and bought a standard box dye to slather onto my head. Aside from almost having a panic attack when I saw how the dye had developed, I was so so impressed with the result considering I've never dyed my full head of hair before. I used the Garnier Nutrisse Creme in 'Pure Chocolate, 4 1/2, Medium Dark Brown' in case anyone was wondering, and it made my hair feel so super soft afterwards too which is always a bonus!

It should last up to 8 weeks so I'm not sure if that makes it permanent or semi-permanent, but I love it and will repurchase nonetheless. I feel like a proper, full on brunette now! I apologise for the short post with a poopy photo booth quality photo, but rest assured, I will spend my evening snuggled up on the couch in my jumper, scheduling some more (decent) posts, I promise :)


P.S. I tried making those cookies again and apart from them being slightly salty, I think I'm finally on to a winner!


Autumnal Lush Haul! (Yes, another one...)

Helloooo! It feels so weird blogging in the evening as I'm usually an early bird, but I've just gotten home from the big ol' capital city of London after some swanky work experience. I'm supposed to be there for two weeks so expect to see more evening posts with shoddy artificial lighting, my apologies in advance!

So the day Lush released their halloween/bonfire night/christmas products, I spent forever online drooling over absolutely everything. The next day I accidentally fell into my car and it kind of drove itself to Lush and picked up all the new things and threw my card into the machine. I'm not lying, I swear... 

This first bath ballistic is one I was most excited about, and almost ended up walking straight past it thinking it was Avobath. This is 'Lord Of Misrule', the name sounds rather halloweeny, I don't know, I'm assuming it's halloween related! It contains patchouli, black pepper and vanilla so it's the perfect blend of spicy and sweet - take my word for it when I say it smells uh-mazing.

 Look how cute this little guy is!! Omg! This is the 'Wizard' Bubble Bar and even though he's meant to 'cast a jingle spell', he's disappearing after halloween. Very confusing, no? Nevertheless, he's got popping candy hidden in his beard and smells like tangerine and juniper berry - really fresh but not too overpowering, perfect for banishing stress and an all round cheer-up! 

Last of the halloween goodies, the 'Sparkly Pumpkin' Bubble Bar - also very cute. This contains lime and grapefruit oil but surprisingly has a little bit of spice to it which makes for a warming, homely, cosy little scent. Maybe it's just me, but it literally smells like halloween when you've just returned from a successful (I hope!) night of trick-or-treating.

I think these next two are bonfire night orientated, but will be sticking around until Christmas (don't hold me to that!). The purple stick of wonder above is the 'Northern Lights' Bath Bomb, which I thought was a bubble bar at first because let's be honest, it's massive. The scent of jasmine and ylang-ylang oil really does pack a punch, it filled my whole room last night and relaxed me right off to sleep! Can't wait to use this one.

Similar to Northern Lights, 'Sparkler' smells like the Rose Jam shower gel (which is really weird to smell, considering it's yellow) and is funnily enough, inspired by fire crackers and all things bonfire night. It'll pop and fizz and crackle around the bath and make a right show, which is what I love in a bath bomb!


Only picked up one christmas thing because I'm restraining myself from literally buying every. single. christmas item. I'm going to wait till at least November, then I'll run wild. This is included in the 'Wizard's Hat' gift along with the little wizard and the sparkler, but it's cheaper to buy each thing separately? I'm not sure why or how that works, but I thought I may as well pick it up! 'Star Light, Star Bright' is a verrrrryyyy sparkly bath melt, with a super moisturising shea butter and coconut oil centre, yummy. 

I'd also just like to point out that seconds after taking this photo, my puppy made an appearance, jumped up onto the bed and flipped the pillow it was on over with her nose. Pillow and bath melt went flying. Glitter everywhere (and I mean everywhere).This was her guilty little face after having a sniff in the Lush bag. Too sweet not to share. I love her soooo freakin much.

Are you planning on trying out any of Lush's limited edition festive things? Lemme know and we can fangirl over it all together! 

Laters taters,



It's October 3rd | Friday Summary

I've decided I don't bake as often as I should. As a kid, I freaking loved baking those little box cupcake recipes that had Scooby Doo or a character of choice on them, so I decided to head on out at 10:00am to Morrisons to grab some ingredients and bake some cookies. Bad idea. Very bad idea. There's me thinking 'it's a weekday morning, everyone will be at work or still in bed so it'll be empty, right?' WRONG. It was like a granny trolley derby, everyone was determined to get in my way and I struggled to dodge my way through the aisles, in and out of the metal devices of destruction on wheels. (The trolleys, for anyone wondering what the hell I'm on about). The traffic there was awful too, stop starting all the way. Booo.

This is me trying to be organised and measuring everything out (which still went wrong).
HOWEVER ALL WAS NOT LOST and I did manage to get my ingredients back in one piece, huzzaaah! I spotted this Nutella Choc Chip Cookie recipe on butterbaking.com, and after seeing a few other bloggers take a stab at making them - a very good stab at that - I wanted to give it a go myself. 

Needless to say they were an absolute disaster! The original recipe made 32 cookies so I split it into 1/4 to make 8 tester cookies and completely f**ked up the measurements. The result? Well, they didn't look too bad, but they tasted more like a cardboard rock cake rather than a gooey cookie. Hopefully my second attempt on Sunday will have a better turnout, watch this space. 

I've also been invited to a swanky interview up in London on Tuesday, which don't get me wrong, I'm sooo made up about, but it's such a scary prospect for me. It'll be the first time I try to dilly-dally around London completely alone, with an important place to be and there's no way I can be late. I'm nervous enough for the interview as it is, let alone adding in the possibility of getting lost in central London. Eeeeek, panic attack central over here. It'll be amazing if they do like me though, as it is the field of work that I spent all of my 2 college years studying. 

Finally, I found this little guy whilst shopping and I got far far too excited - I couldn't leave him behind. IT'S A CHOCOLATE REINDEEEER! I made a Christmas Spotify playlist yesterday and got right into the festive spirit... I should probably try and get excited for Halloween first but damn THERE'S ONLY TWO MONTHS (and a bit) TILL CHRISTMAS! I think this is the earliest I've gotten excited for Christmas ever, and my only excuse is that it's my favourite time of the year. 

I'm sorry this post didn't really have much structure, I just like having a little chat sometimes, let me know if you like this sort of post too! I suppose all that's left for today is to walk the dog, prepare for the super scary interview and munch on some stiff cookies. Yum. 




MAC Viva Glam III

Hold up, how on earth is it October already? It hardly feels like we had a September at all, and now all of a sudden it's the month of all things spooky (not that I'm complaining, Halloween is my thaaang). If anyone saw my birthday wish list, you'll have spotted my love for MAC's Viva Glam III and how much I admired it as an autumnal lip colour. Well, low and behold, my wishes were granted and I received it as a gift, yaaaay! 

 Believe it or not, this is my very first MAC bullet (I know, I know, bad beauty blogger *slaps back of hand*) and I am so so impressed. #1, the special viva glam red packaging is just beautiful. #2, this is the most moisturising matte formula I have ever graced my lips with. #3, it smells like vanilla. What's not to love? I paired this with my interview outfit here, and absolutely loved it, not to mention it lasted all evening without a smudge in sight.

V.G. III is described as a muted brown-plum, and when it's swatched, it is exactly that. It's a little 'vampier' than the darkest lipstick I owned before, which was Kate Moss 107 - a blogger staple, I'm sure you're aware! But I love it nonetheless. Forgive me for the lack of actual lip swatches, I have the craziest, most painful spot above my lip right now and I'm sure none of you want to see that close-up! 

The fire inside has been ignited and my obsession with MAC lipsticks has begun, extremely  late on the bandwagon I'll admit. I love a good dark matte lip for autumn and Viva Glam III provides just that. Any other darker lip colours that you recommend, leave them in the comments please! I need to build a collection :) P.S. I'll be working on my blog design today as I fancy a change, so if things look a little crazy, that's why.

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