Autumnal Lush Haul! (Yes, another one...)

Helloooo! It feels so weird blogging in the evening as I'm usually an early bird, but I've just gotten home from the big ol' capital city of London after some swanky work experience. I'm supposed to be there for two weeks so expect to see more evening posts with shoddy artificial lighting, my apologies in advance!

So the day Lush released their halloween/bonfire night/christmas products, I spent forever online drooling over absolutely everything. The next day I accidentally fell into my car and it kind of drove itself to Lush and picked up all the new things and threw my card into the machine. I'm not lying, I swear... 

This first bath ballistic is one I was most excited about, and almost ended up walking straight past it thinking it was Avobath. This is 'Lord Of Misrule', the name sounds rather halloweeny, I don't know, I'm assuming it's halloween related! It contains patchouli, black pepper and vanilla so it's the perfect blend of spicy and sweet - take my word for it when I say it smells uh-mazing.

 Look how cute this little guy is!! Omg! This is the 'Wizard' Bubble Bar and even though he's meant to 'cast a jingle spell', he's disappearing after halloween. Very confusing, no? Nevertheless, he's got popping candy hidden in his beard and smells like tangerine and juniper berry - really fresh but not too overpowering, perfect for banishing stress and an all round cheer-up! 

Last of the halloween goodies, the 'Sparkly Pumpkin' Bubble Bar - also very cute. This contains lime and grapefruit oil but surprisingly has a little bit of spice to it which makes for a warming, homely, cosy little scent. Maybe it's just me, but it literally smells like halloween when you've just returned from a successful (I hope!) night of trick-or-treating.

I think these next two are bonfire night orientated, but will be sticking around until Christmas (don't hold me to that!). The purple stick of wonder above is the 'Northern Lights' Bath Bomb, which I thought was a bubble bar at first because let's be honest, it's massive. The scent of jasmine and ylang-ylang oil really does pack a punch, it filled my whole room last night and relaxed me right off to sleep! Can't wait to use this one.

Similar to Northern Lights, 'Sparkler' smells like the Rose Jam shower gel (which is really weird to smell, considering it's yellow) and is funnily enough, inspired by fire crackers and all things bonfire night. It'll pop and fizz and crackle around the bath and make a right show, which is what I love in a bath bomb!


Only picked up one christmas thing because I'm restraining myself from literally buying every. single. christmas item. I'm going to wait till at least November, then I'll run wild. This is included in the 'Wizard's Hat' gift along with the little wizard and the sparkler, but it's cheaper to buy each thing separately? I'm not sure why or how that works, but I thought I may as well pick it up! 'Star Light, Star Bright' is a verrrrryyyy sparkly bath melt, with a super moisturising shea butter and coconut oil centre, yummy. 

I'd also just like to point out that seconds after taking this photo, my puppy made an appearance, jumped up onto the bed and flipped the pillow it was on over with her nose. Pillow and bath melt went flying. Glitter everywhere (and I mean everywhere).This was her guilty little face after having a sniff in the Lush bag. Too sweet not to share. I love her soooo freakin much.

Are you planning on trying out any of Lush's limited edition festive things? Lemme know and we can fangirl over it all together! 

Laters taters,

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