MAC Viva Glam III

Hold up, how on earth is it October already? It hardly feels like we had a September at all, and now all of a sudden it's the month of all things spooky (not that I'm complaining, Halloween is my thaaang). If anyone saw my birthday wish list, you'll have spotted my love for MAC's Viva Glam III and how much I admired it as an autumnal lip colour. Well, low and behold, my wishes were granted and I received it as a gift, yaaaay! 

 Believe it or not, this is my very first MAC bullet (I know, I know, bad beauty blogger *slaps back of hand*) and I am so so impressed. #1, the special viva glam red packaging is just beautiful. #2, this is the most moisturising matte formula I have ever graced my lips with. #3, it smells like vanilla. What's not to love? I paired this with my interview outfit here, and absolutely loved it, not to mention it lasted all evening without a smudge in sight.

V.G. III is described as a muted brown-plum, and when it's swatched, it is exactly that. It's a little 'vampier' than the darkest lipstick I owned before, which was Kate Moss 107 - a blogger staple, I'm sure you're aware! But I love it nonetheless. Forgive me for the lack of actual lip swatches, I have the craziest, most painful spot above my lip right now and I'm sure none of you want to see that close-up! 

The fire inside has been ignited and my obsession with MAC lipsticks has begun, extremely  late on the bandwagon I'll admit. I love a good dark matte lip for autumn and Viva Glam III provides just that. Any other darker lip colours that you recommend, leave them in the comments please! I need to build a collection :) P.S. I'll be working on my blog design today as I fancy a change, so if things look a little crazy, that's why.

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