Spooky Sparkly Pumpkin

Good evening my loves! The clocks going back an hour yesterday has really messed with my head, I keep getting far too tired far too early. On a brighter note, today I booked myself tickets to a Thorpe Park Fright Night (for all you non-uk'ers, big theme park, rides in the dark, 5 live horror mazes, spooky shizzle!) this Saturday, a day after Halloween, so decided to have a celebratory spooky bubble bath courtesy of Lush. Shock horror, no surprises there...

You might have seen in my most recent Lush haul (here) that I went a bit overboard on all the Halloween stuff. And by overboard, I mean I bought every single Halloween-related item I could shake a stick at. Tonight I decided to use the little cutie that is the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar. Was I impressed? Yes sir! Although the only niggle I had was that when it came to the first crumble, it was near impossible, thanks to my super cold house contributing to it being rock hard. It was like trying to crush a slab of concrete with my bare hands haha! A little warm water later and all was well. 

Also, before I forget, be aware that when Lush say 'sparkly', they certainly don't cut corners. The shimmer on this thing gets EVERYWHERE. I only ended up using half of this, and it made just the right amount of bubbles for me but by all means, feel free to go the whole hog and crumble the lot in! 

I can't quite put my finger on the scent of Sparkly Pumpkin, quite warm, quite spicy, and it didn't disappoint! (Not that Lush ever disappoint anyway). It turned my water a lovely shimmery golden orange with bubbles that smelt divine. Unfortunately I was too busy trying to get photos of the bloody thing and didn't realise the hot water running out halfway through running my bath. Nothing like a lukewarm soak to really relax you (naaaaht). So 20 minutes and a lukewarm tub of water later, I was in and out like a flash. 

I'm really excited to use up the other half of this in hopefully what will be a warmer bath! All of Lush's Halloween bits have gone straight into my good books so far, so here's hoping they stick around for Halloweens to come! What are you getting up to this All Hallows' Eve? 



  1. So much glitter!! It looks amazing though. I might have to pick this one up next time I'm in lush :) x

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

    1. I was finding it everywhere after this haha! Make sure you do before Halloween's over! xx


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