A Hair History and a Half

A little while ago I discovered that my one and only external hard drive, with EVERYTHING on it, had decided to give up on me. Long story short, I managed (with the help of somebody much more techy than myself) to get it fixed, and uncovered some right old photographic gems! 

I've been trying to grow my hair out for a while now, and thought it'd be interesting to put together a post including all my new found photo discoveries, showing my little hair journey. Brace yourselves for some awful faces and questionable poses, this will get very embarrassing - for me anyway...

We'll start at the very beginning, with one of the earliest photos I could find of me with actual hair on my head. I was stark bald for most of my baby-hood, and my mum used to tie bows around my head ALL THE TIME due to the sheer number of people who thought I was a boy. Finally, after a year or so, I started to grow bright blonde baby hair. N'awww.

A few years later in Tenerife (where I haven't been since this photo was taken - cry!), and the blonde ringlets were out in full force. Can we just appreciate how bloody tanned I was too - I don't think I even get that brown any more! Also, check out those bunchies.

A little while later now in Lanzarote with one of my childhood best friends - I'm on the right in pink with dramatically darker hair. It turns out I was never meant to be a blondie, although I was still sporting that wonderful fringe and bunchies combo. My hair has pretty much stayed this light brown colour ever since. 

Oh dear, my 11th birthday photoshoot. This was just before I started secondary school and thought I was really cool, so I got my 'grown up' haircut and this was the outcome hahaha - just look at that fringe wave...

Oh dear x2, this must have been around my third year of secondary school. I decided I wanted super short layers in my hair and a massive side fringe - which to be honest I didn't mind. Although, I got into the habit of backcombing the HELL out of my top layers to create more 'oomph', and it didn't take long before said 'oomph' got out of control and I ended up ruining the condition of my hair for a good while. 

So this was meant to be our GCSE music class - photo booth always seemed to get the better of us. You can see me on the left and along with my short layers, I decided to cut in a stupid full fringe that never stayed in place because my hair was too thin and was ALWAYS gappy. It stayed present for my prom and ALL my prom photos were cursed with it. Not my greatest hour.

Fast forward a few years to my first year at college and an 'educational' trip to Disneyland Paris. I had decided I wanted longer hair, my full fringe was growing out, I dyed a blonde/white streak through the side and, oh wait, dyed the ends BRIGHT. FREAKING. ORANGE. I also clearly didn't know there was such a thing as brow products but that's besides the point...

Although I loved my orange ends, they were an absolute nightmare to try and upkeep, along with the dye pretty much burning off the ends of my hair that I really wanted to grow. I decided to just let it wash out to this weird ombre-but-not-quite sort of thing. My fringe had grown out and became a bit more manageable too! (Shout out to my best friend Beth on the left and boyfriend Nathan on the right who looks very different haha, love you) 

Last summer in our little holiday flat and my hair was back to its natural state (not including the blonde streak, although I did meet someone once who thought it was natural?!). My layers had grown out, my fringe had most definitely grown out, and the whole lot had grown considerably longer. I miss this hair because I hardly had to do anything to it apart from filling in the blonde roots every once in a while.

My hair in its current state is dyed quite a few shades darker. The blonde streak is still present, although I hid it away for these photos because the roots were terrible haha! Looking back on photos from last summer I think I'll let the dark wash out and go back to my natural colour again - although I'm not sure how long it'll be before I get bored and decide to do something else with it. I also wanna grow it a teeeeeny bit longer, but we'll see! 

Believe it or not I did actually skip out a few hair phases around my secondary school years, but I think I've sufficiently embarrassed myself enough for now! I had so much fun writing this it's unreal, maybe I should publicly embarrass myself more often haha. Have you had any particularly embarrassing hair moments? Let me know so I don't feel like the only one!

Big love,

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