THE King Of Skin

I have literally just gotten out of the shower, used this little crown of wonder and loved it so much I had to immediately take photos and write about it. Oh boy oh boy, it's THAT good. 

It snowed almost everywhere last night, winter is very much in full swing and my skin is definitely taking the brunt of it. Although I'll admit that I'm one of those lazy lazy people who, unless it's a special occasion, really can't be bothered to get out of the shower and spend even more time moisturising. I know I probably should, but for me even moisturising my legs after shaving becomes a monstrous task. Sigh...

Enter this little guy - King of Skin body butter, from none other than Lush, obviously! The one product that makes me actually enjoy moisturising. First and foremost, it contains a bunch of yummy natural ingredients like oat milk, avocado, fresh bananas and cocoa and shea butters which (aside from the moisturising skin benefits) means it smells almost TOO good. Not to mention that smell lasts on your skin for hours afterwards - I am definitely sitting smelling my arm as we speak, just to validate that statement hahaha. Also, can we just appreciate how cute the teeny tiny crown shape is?!

The major selling point about this for me is that you use it in the shower on wet skin. Yup. So after shaving and doing all your shower bizzzzness, you shut the water off and simply run this over clean, wet skin. This stuff glides on like a dream, sinks in instantaneously and in total, it must have taken me about 30 seconds to massage this into my whole body. You do have to rinse off the excess afterwards, but let's face it, that's like a 2 second job. 

On hopping out of the shower and patting my skin dry, the marvel of my newfound gorgeous smelling, silky skin was revealed. I could go straight ahead and put my clothes on, feeling all slinky and soft with hardly any extra effort. A whole body application hardly made a dent in the bar, and at a very affordable £5.75 a pop, I can see this becoming my very first holy grail body butter (that's something I never thought I'd say!).

Let me know your thoughts on this - especially if you've tried this and love it as much as I do!

Big love,

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