THE Perfect Red Lip?

It's no secret, I am crazy pale. A younger me would go on regular holidays and tan so easily, however 12 years without a trip abroad (crying face emoji) means my skin is paler than ever. I told myself I'd never be able to pull off a red lip, until I finally took the plunge and discovered that actually, it's not all that bad.

I think a major step in becoming confident wearing a bright red lip colour such as MAC's Ruby Woo is to literally just go all out and think 'what's the worst that could happen?!'. Easier said than done, I know, but once you've taken the plunge there'll be no going back. I was lucky enough to be gifted the aforementioned signature MAC red by my lovely boyfriend this Christmas, and although it got me super excited, I'll admit I was a little scared when it came to the first application.

'What if I make my lip shape all wonky?'
'What if it sticks to all my wintery dry bits?'
'What if it goes wrong and I can't get it off?'
'What if it slides around my face and I inadvertently end up looking like The Joker?'

Needless to say, none of those things happened. The world did not end, my lips did not fall off and I didn't end up looking Joker-esque (thank god). In fact, all that happened is that my confidence went through the roof and I felt sassy as hell. With a full face of Christmas makeup and some decent lipstick application, I didn't care what anyone else thought and felt like I could take on the world. Obviously I ended up wearing it non-stop for the rest of the week. 

A shameless selfie from said Christmas Day,
so you can see what Ruby Woo looks like on!

Most of that is owed to MAC's brilliant lipstick formula, and a quick search for Ruby Woo on the blogosphere will tell you that. It's a lovely long-lasting blue-toned red, with a matte formula that isn't too drying and is pretty painless to apply. However, MAC lippies are a rarity in my collection (as we all know they aren't the cheapest of things on a student budget), so here are some of my little pointers to get that flawless application from almost ANY lipstick.

A few little tips I can't live without:
♡ ALWAYS use a lipliner - It might seem like an obvious statement but I really can't stress how important it is. It's insane how much longer my lippy lasts when I apply a liner first, not to mention it makes application so much easier and it looks so much neater in the end! Even if the two colours aren't an exact match, do a little blending with a lip brush and no one will ever know! 

♡ Lipcote is your best friend - I'm thinking of doing a more lengthy review on this little bottle of wonder as it's become my lifesaver product. I used to work 12 hour days and a girl I worked with would have gorgeous red lips the ENTIRE time and I never saw her re-apply. She recommended Lipcote to me and I haven't looked back since. Use this the right way with a decent quality lipstick and liner, and you won't have to re-apply all day (even through eating/drinking/whatever else you might get up to with your lips). Guaranteed, your lip colour will not budge. Heaven!

Invest in a good lip brush - Because blending lipstick with your fingers isn't the greatest thing when you forget it's there and end up coating everything else you touch with a nice shade of 'fingerprint red'. A lip brush will give much more precise application, you can blend out colour much more easily if it's too bright, and it means your lippy will go a lot further in the long run! I'm currently using a Real Techniques Accent Brush, which was actually included in the eye collection but who cares haha, it still works like a dream.

I apologise for the massive post, although I did quite enjoy rambling on haha - it seems lipstick application cannot be skipped over lightly! If you have any more little tips I'd love to hear them! 

Big love, 



  1. Wow I adore this shade. I'm insanely pale too and red suits me way better than any other colour!


    1. It's honestly the perfect shade of red for my pale-ness haha! So glad I bit the bullet and went for it :) xxx

  2. Ruby Woo suits you so so well! You look lovely xx

    Abi | abistreetx.blogspot.co.uk

  3. This colour is insanely pretty! :)
    Definitely a must-have!

    Creepers & Cupcakes

    1. It's the most perfect shade of red I've ever seen haha, how I lived without it I do not know :') xxx

  4. I've never heard of lipcote? Intriguing
    Oh we've all had Joker nightmares, you're right red lipstick is not to be taken lightly aha


    1. Giiiiiiirl you NEED to try it! It has honestly saved my lipstick's life many a time hahaha, I'm definitely going to dedicate a post to it because it's too good not to know about! :') xxx


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