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Valentine's Day. I can never quite get my head around it. I'll always participate, write a card for Nath, we'll get each other gifts etc etc - but I've never really been one for bunches of roses or wining and dining just because it's February 14th. Why should we reserve one day to show the people we love, just how much we love them? I think it's much more special to receive some flowers out of the blue, whatever day it might be! 

Either way, I hope whatever you got up to on ol' Valentine's day, you had a good'un! Ours was quite unconventional as we decided to go and get Friday 13th tattoos together instead -crying laugh emoji!- I wouldn't change it for the world though. I'll admit I got a little spoiled and received the most gorgeous perfume I think I've ever seen/smelled. 

Enter MAC's 'Turquatic' perfume. The packaging is gorgeous, the scent is gorgeous, everything about it is just soooo gorge. Every time I went into the MAC store and this caught my eye by the tills, I HAD to smell it. I'm usually a sweet/floral 'on the verge of sickly' scent kinda gal, and I like my heavy scents (think Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb/Ghost). Turquatic is at the other end of the 'fragrance scale' completely, it's like nothing I've ever smelt before, but it really does take the cake. (Take the cake... is that even a thing? Oh well, it is now haha!). The website describes it as 'featuring anemone, lotus, orris and coriscan blue cedar', and I'd be lying if I said I knew what half of those things smelled like!  I'm sure you perfume buffs out there will be more familiar with what I just said but I mean, anemone? Really? Unless you're Nemo and live in one, I'm pretty sure most of us humans living on land have no idea what an anemone really smells like. 

Oh me oh my, I got so carried away taking photos of this bottle of beauty - it's too photogenic, it's insane. I can't stop looking at it haha. Anemones aside, I'd describe this as a really light, fresh, 'girl about town' flouncy scent, perfect for every day wear and VERY spring/summer. To be honest it's completely different to anything I'd ever go for, but it's fast becoming one of my all time favourite scents. One little spritz of this on the base of my throat literally lasted me the whole day. I also absolutely adore how every now and then it'll waft up and you'll catch a whiff of yourself like 'ooooh giiiiirl you're smelling GREAT!' (and yes, I did deliberately flounce around so I could smell it more - arms waving and all).

I've got the 50ml bottle that retails at £38.50 - which I personally think is amazing, especially when you take the hefty price tags of other high end fragrances into consideration - Viktor & Rolf, I'm looking at you. When someone mentions 'MAC' to me, I think of cosmetics, not fragrance, but I've been very pleasantly surprised by Turquatic and I can definitely see it being a staple in my collection from now on. 

Let me know if you've tried Turquatic or had a little whiff in store, I'd love to know your thoughts.

Big love, 


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    1. Ahaha don't thank me for posting silly! It really is lovely! :) xxx

  2. This has been raved about so much!! I love the smell. I was planning on going to get a tattoo also on the 13th but sadly had to work all day!! :(

    Elli, www.luxeandblush.blogspot.com

    1. I know haha, and rightly so! It's a beautiful scent :)
      Aw no waaay! It was my very first tattoo - a local shop had a flash design that I'd actually been thinking about for a while.. it was meant to be haha! xxx

  3. Wow the packaging is gorgeous. I'm one for really sweet scents too so I wonder if I would like this one. Great post.

    Gemma xo


  4. Love the packaging and I've never heard of this before so thanks for sharing <3

    www.krystelcouture.com | Giveaway

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