Dark Angels vs. Angels On Bare Skin | The Lush Skincare Battle

I'm pretty sure every Lush skincare lover (including me) has probably asked themselves this question at least once. There's always that awkward situation when you really want to change up your skincare, but at the same time don't want to risk breaking out and in the end, you end up playing it safe and sticking to the same thing you've bought for years. I know the saying goes 'if it isn't broke, don't fix it', and for me, Angels On Bare Skin has worked wonders on my skin for almost 6 years, so why would I want to change? But Dark Angels was always there in the background, luring me in, convincing me to try something new every time I went to repurchase it's sister product. So finally I took the plunge, and bought Dark Angels to see what all the fuss was about! Here's the lowdown on both, and the battle to end all Lush skincare battles:
Dark Angels
Angels On Bare Skin...

(Please excuse the old, badly edited photo. Turns out I forgot to take new ones before I finished the pot, smart one aren't I!?) On side A we have the coveted Angels On Bare Skin. Loved by many, the ground almonds it's based on are gentle enough to give you a teeny tiny bit of exfoliation, but not so much that it leaves you red raw. With calming and balancing rose and lavender too, I can honestly say that this little bundle of joy has managed to calm and cleanse my hormonal teenage skin for years and years, keeping most (but not all) spots at bay. Oh, and it can get a little messy - keeping this stuff in your palm takes experience and skill!

On side B, we have the fairly newer Dark Angels. Equally as good for your skin, but can be even more messy if you're not careful! Charcoal and rhassoul mud are the main players in this one, meaning it's also equally as cleansing as the original angels - however it's significantly more scrubby, maybe not one for super sensitive skin unless you have a very light hand. The antiseptic properties of the rosewood and sandalwood oils in this is what really gets me, as well as it's incredible ability to absorb excess oil from the skin. A dream for spot prone gals like me! 

So which is better? In my humble opinion, both cleansers are very good for different skin types, so for me a straight 'this one's the best one' answer is near impossible. I'm definitely glad I took the plunge and tried Dark Angels, as it shortens my skincare routine significantly - I used to exfoliate first THEN cleanse with original Angels, but with Dark Angels I can do both at once. I also found that Dark Angels was a lot more effective in removing excess oils from the surface of my skin, without being too stripping. A lot of people on the interwebs say it can be too harsh on the skin, but as long as you use a light hand in circular motions, don't go over the same area too much and don't try to literally sand your face off, it's perfectly fine! (Oh, and whack on the moisturiser afterwards!).

However the spark in my heart for the original Angels still burns bright, as it's nice to have a more gentle cleanse now and again - plus neither smell too great, but I prefer the smell of the original! I honestly think I'm going to end up using both in conjunction with each other, maybe alternating them according to when I need a scrub up or more of a gentle cleanse. I really can't choose which is my favourite as they both give different cleanses but are equally as effective on my skin. Good job Lush, you've got me stumped.

I'm really sorry if you came expecting a clear winner, but it's definitely not the case here! Different things will work for different people and of course no two faces are the same, but if you're curious about either product go ahead and try them both - you might just be pleasantly surprised. If you've tried either, let me know which you prefer! 

Big love, 
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