A Little (kind of) MAC Cosmetics Haul...

Mac Cosmetics Haul Lipstick Skinfinish Chromaline

Holy crap it's been over a week already?! I have no idea where the time goes, honestly. I suppose it could  be due to the fact that I managed to slam my head into a door (completely by accident, might I add), and gave myself a concussion -crying laugh emoji-. So I did what any beauty junkie would do when they're bed-bound on payday... put in a MAC order! Without further ado, here's what I spent half my wages on...

Mac Cosmetics Chromaline Black Black Eyeliner
Mac Cosmetics Chromaline Black Black Eyeliner

Chromaline in Black Black
Can we just appreciate for a moment how wonderful a brand new pot of eyeliner looks?! Ugh. 
If you read my FOTD post here, you'll know that I tested out a whole bunch of new makeup products on a day out to Thorpe Park with my boyfriend. All things considered, most of the makeup held up effortlessly, especially as it got to a whopping 28 degrees that day (I walked around in shorts and everything!?!). However the one thing that let me down was my eyeliner. An avid gel liner fan, I decided I wanted to step out of the comfort zone of my usual Maybelline liner and try something different. Bad move.
The Rimmel liner I used was an absolute bugger to apply, and after spending a good 20-25 minutes trying to make good of it, it ended up flaking all over my face after about 15 minutes. So I decided it was time to bring out the big guns! I was originally going to go for the Fluidline in Blacktrack, but the Chromaline juuuust pipped it to the post as it's smudge proof, waterproof, has better reviews and is even £1.50 cheaper. Exciting much!?

Mac Cosmetics Mineralize Skin Finish Soft And Gentle
Mac Cosmetics Mineralize Skin Finish Soft And Gentle

Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle
If you haven't heard of this at least once yet then which rock have you been hiding under? Everyone and their grandma's-dog's-eldest-cousin-twice-removed in the blogosphere raves about this so I thought it was high time I saw what all the fuss was about! I also saw a girl in a queue line at Thorpe Park who I swear was wearing this on her cheekbones and it looked flawless. I've been trying out theBalm's Mary Lou-manizer prior to this, and although it's wonderfully pigmented it's just too golden for my pale skin. I'm hoping, with any luck this peachier highlight will be better suited to my skin tone.

Mac Cosmetics Satin Lipstick Faux Nude Pink

Satin Lipstick in Faux
I'm usually very wary when it comes to buying MAC lippies online, and I'll usually swatch them in store more times than I can count, just to make 100% sure it's the one I want. Does anyone else do this? I don't know. They're just too pricey to get it wrong, y'know?! I usually stick to the matte formulas too, so purchasing a satin one is right out of my comfort zone as it is haha! I went for 'Faux' as it seems like a nice alternative to 'Velvet Teddy', still pinky/nudey but without a lot of the browny undertones that VT has. Even though the coveted Velvet Teddy was actually in stock (shock, gasp!), I'm terrified that it'll come out way too brown on me, so Faux was a definite winner.

I even got a teeny tiny sample of the Pro Longwear foundation which was a pleasant surprise, especially as I'm in love with the concealer! I don't even want to think about how much money I've just spent on like, three things though... Oh, the life of a woman hey? 

Let me know your opinions if you've tried any of these bits and be prepared for a good few reviews once I've given them a test run haha! 

Big love,


FOTD: Stila In The Light + Full Review

Good morning and a happy Sunday to you all! Weekends are just too short aren't they? If you saw my post last week about my first Stila palette purchase, you'll know that the first delivery arrived broken (boo!). Since then, the non-broken one has arrived in all its glory, and I just couldn't resist doing a FOTD with it! So without further ado, here's a little neutral nudey look I created on my eyeballs...

LUSH Gorgeous moisturiser
Benefit That Gal brightening primer
MAC Matchmaster foundation in 1.5
MAC Pro Longwear concealer in NW20 
L'Oreal True Match powder in Rose Ivory 
Sleek Contour Palette (bronzer + blusher) in Light
Benefit High Beam highlighter

Benefit Brows A Go-Go (light powder)
Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown
Urban Decay primer potion
Stila In The Light 'Bare' (all over lid as a base colour)
Stila In The Light 'Bliss' (transition colour)
Stila In The Light 'Gilded Gold' (outer corner and crease)
Stila In The Light 'Luster' the teensiest bit in the outer corner)
Stila In The Light 'Kitten' (brow and inner corner)
Stila In The Light 'Bubbly' (remaining lid space)
Rimmel Scandaleyes gel eyeliner in Black
Rimmel Wonder-full argan oil mascara
Random natural lashes from eBay 

LUSH None of Your Beeswax lip balm
e.l.f. Mineral Lipstick in Runway Pink

If you'd like to see a full tutorial on this look, please let me know! The palette itself is nothing less than gorgeous. I'm not sure where to categorise it, as at £25 it's definitely not the cheapest of the bunch, but it won't break the bank as much as say, a £38 Naked palette. 

The shadows themselves are wonderfully creamy and pigmented, and not at all chalky - although not as highly pigmented as Urban Decay's Naked offerings. I kind of prefer that though, of course I'm no expert and I made my fair share of eyeshadow mistakes, but they were easier to correct because the colour hadn't gone on so harshly first time. They're still easily bendable and buildable, and a massive win with me!

Tomorrow I will be embarking on my very first drive along the motorway EVER, on a little adventure to Thorpe Park with the boyfriend (your little adrenaline junkie over here is very very excited!). I managed to pass my driving test with no minors just under a year ago now, but I'm still pooing myself a bit thinking about my first trip down the M25! I'll be wearing a toned down version of this makeup look throughout the day so I'll really be testing the longevity of the shadows as well as everything else. Hopefully it won't all end up on the back of my head after going on Stealth etc etc haha. 

And finally, as I'm an absolute idiot when it comes to posing for photos, here are a few little gems that came out on timer as I got fully engrossed in the music that was playing at the time. Vogue, call me now. I'm waiting. 

Let me know if you've tried this beautiful palette before, or if you'd like to see a full tutorial on this look! 

Big love, 


The Staple Leather Jacket | New Additions

Oh the classic leather jacket. I think every girl and their grandma must have had at least one in their lifetime, and ever since I became old enough to pick my own clothes, I've always been a leather jacket girl. There's something so endearing about throwing on some boots and a leather jacket that almost makes you feel unstoppable - anyone else feel like that sometimes? 

I wore the same cropped leather biker jacket (PU, of course!) from Jane Norman for at least 7/8 years - Jane Norman... what a blast from the past! I remember when everyone in my secondary school (including me) used to think it was super cool to shove their P.E. kit into a Jane Norman coloured carrier bag hahaha.
Recently I had to watch my old faithful jacket die as the coating started to flake off left, right and center, waaaa! :( It was time to purchase a brand new shiny jacket, so I headed to ASOS and this is what I found.

As much as I'd love to spend hundreds of pounds on a luxurious real leather All Saints jacket, my teeny tiny budget just can't stretch that far! So instead I opted for this Noisy May Leather Look Jacket that came in at a much more budget-friendly price, especially as I had an ASOS voucher to spend too - win! ASOS are always so great when it comes to bits and bobs that are cheap, but still really nice quality. I wanted something a little different to the ever-so-popular biker style jacket, and the reason I loved this one is because it doesn't have a pointy collar, or an awkward wonky zip! Instead it's classed as 'collarless' and has a couple of poppers around the neck instead, as well as a straight zip. 

I also really reeeallly like that it's a matte black rather than that stiff, shiny material that's so obviously plastic. It's super soft, extremely comfortable and to be honest, pretty convincing for leather look PU. Maybe one day (in my dreams haha) I'll be blessed with my very own All Saints jacket, but I'm confident this little ASOS find will do me just fine for years to come! (Also, I'd like to apologise for the distinct lack of photos with the jacket on - I've been pretty sick and slumping around feeling sorry for myself, I feel like a quasimodo right now ha!).

Let me know your thoughts on the good ol' leather jacket (also let me know if you remember Jane Norman - or even better, if there was a jane-norman-bag-pe-kit-crew at your school haha, I'd love to hear about it!) 

Big love, 


The Little Bottle Your Lips Can't Live Without

After finally starting to build up a little collection of lovely MAC lippies (including the classic Ruby Woo red),  I decided I needed to up my game if I wanted my lipsticks to stay put all day. After all, the more you reapply, the more product you use and the quicker it runs out! 

I used to work 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, outside in the rain, sun and snow at a local theme park and knew a girl who would ALWAYS have perfect red lipstick on, all except I never ever saw her re-apply. Ever. Even at the end of the night, it would remain looking perfectly applied - needless to say I was envious! I managed to grab her one evening (not literally, people!) and asked how the hell she managed to keep her lipstick on all day without redoing it over and over again throughout the day. She pulled out a little bottle of Lipcote and called it her lifesaver. She told me how to use it, and the next morning I was straight into Boots at 9am snatching myself up a bottle!

This stuff is wonderful. It's so wonderful, that the word 'wonderful' doesn't even do it justice. Here's how it works: 
Apply your lipliner/lipstick like normal, and blot once.
Apply another coat, and blot again.
Brush Lipcote over your lips, paying close attention to the edges.
Make sure not to move your lips until it's dry, or it'll crease and go all weird! 

I won't lie, if you put this onto dry lips it stings like a b!*$%, so make sure you grab yourself a lip balm beforehand! Once it's all dry you can move your lips as normal, eat, drink, kiss and be merry and I promise you, your lippy will not budge. My boyfriend wouldn't let me kiss him on the cheek at first because he thought I'd leave red smudges all over his face, and even HE was amazed when I left no mark whatsoever. See, it even amazes boys haha.

Ignore the slightly stained brush, it isn't usually red haha
Yeah it smells kinda weird and it does kind of feel like you're applying nail varnish to your lips, but the pros dramatically outweigh those cons and I won't hold back when I say it's made life SO much easier not having to worry about my lip colour all the time, constantly having to ask if it's come off every time I have a drink! 

Let me know your thoughts on Lipcote if you've tried it, and if not, then what are you waiting for?! You won't regret it. I promise. 

Big love, 


Stila In The Light & Strawberry Balmi | What Happens When I Have Points To Spend...

I'm so weak when it comes to spending points online, especially on makeup. I completely forgot about my Birchbox points for a while, not realising I'd racked up another £30's worth since last April (which is pretty damn good going if you ask me!). So I did what any self-confessed-beauty-lover/woman-obsessed-with-anything-that-glitters would do. Absolutely wiped out my hard earned points in about 5 seconds and spent them all in one go...

(Please ignore the broken shadow! It came like this in the post -cry cry cry- and I'm too impatient to wait for a replacement because I just wanna write about it RIGHT NOW! So this one will have to do haha).

I have been lusting over this palette since, like, forever?! I've been meaning to get into doing my eyeshadow more often, and even though I own 2 naked palettes already, I fancied something a bit different. This has 3 matte shades (bare, bliss & sandstone) and 6 shimmer shades (kitten - my favourite, that just so happens to be the broken one :( , sunset, champagne, gilded gold & luster) and it couldn't be more beautiful. Not to mention it comes with a brown eyeliner too, which always comes in handy for times when black is just too harsh. 

I won't ramble on about it too much until I've given it a full 'test drive', but I really really cannot wait to try this out! Expect a full review post giving you the low-down on this verrrrry soon.

I still had a fiver's worth of points left over and just HAD to get one of these to see what all the fuss is about. Granted, it's no EOS, but it definitely gives them a run for their money! I bought this on a whim (partly because I wanted one, and partly because it was the only thing I could find under £7!), but the thing that made me fall in love wasn't the taste, wasn't the scent of the lip balm... but the fact that the PACKAGING is scented too. Yup. It smells like strawberry heaven. ALL OF IT! I'm a massive fan of the casing and the novelty of a pyramid-shaped lip balm inside, but this actually does a pretty good job of keeping my lips from drying too. 

With the goodness of jojoba oil, vitamin E, shea butter and an SPF of 15 packed inside, plus the fact that it applies straight onto the lips without me having to shove my finger inside a pot, it seemed like the Balmi had everything going for it. Until I tried to twist the lid the wrong way and it full on went smooshing into the lip balm. It's no longer a pyramid, more of a... well, I don't really know. Wonky dog poo shape maybe? Boo.

I'm currently sitting, balmi in hand, having a good old sniff of the packaging - I will 100% be buying more flavours pronto! If you're a points hoarder like me, or you've tried either of these products let me know, I'm intrigued to know what you think! 

Big love, 



The Drugstore Mascara I Adore

When it comes to mascara, or anything to do with lashes in general, I'm always a skeptic until proven wrong. Of course I have my reasons, the main one being that my lashes are so short, stubborn and straight they may as well point towards the floor (they pretty much do if I don't bother to curl them at all). Through my teenage years I tried it all, serums, oils, eyeliner without mascara (I've no idea what I was thinking, don't judge haha). I even resorted to using fake lashes for 3 of my final school years because I just couldn't be bothered trying to tame my lashes any longer.

It was only when I decided to stop wearing eyeliner so often - and by 'deciding', I mean once I started full time work I never got up early enough to create a perfect flick - that I really got to grips with my lashes as they were all I had to frame my eyes! 

I found myself using this mascara after I got to my mum's one morning before work and realised I'd actually forgotten to put any on beforehand -crying laugh emoji-. I'll get my main statement out of the way first of all when I say that I'm really not a fan of drugstore mascaras (yup, even the much-raved about Maybelline ones - including The Falsies!) and as soon as I spotted the whole 'enriched with argan oil' thaaang going on on the packaging, I was convinced it was a gimmick. Dare I say it, I was wrong. 

After a whole day of working, walking dogs and shopping, my lashes not only looked perfectly separated and lengthened, they even STAYED. CURLY. And let me tell you now, my lashes never ever keep a curl, even after curling them 458736 times between coats of mascara. I never usually like plastic applicators either as I find they stick my lashes together and make them look all spidery, but this one seems to be settled perfectly between the separating/lengthening kind and the volumising kind.

Don't get me wrong, I've had to get myself into a little routine of curling my lashes both before and after application, and applying 2 coats of mascara by blinking rather than wiggling the brush around like a mad woman but it works for me! My lashes stay lengthened, they stay curly, and (here comes the super bold statement) I think they might have even grown a little bit. They're definitely in much better condition. Could it be the argan oil? I don't know. It took practise and patience and a LOT of eye makeup remover for when things got messy but I think I've finally gotten the better of my lashes and I couldn't be happier. Cheers Rimmel! 

Let me know if you've tried this mascara out or if there are any other drugstore mascaras that I should give a second chance - surprise me haha.

Big love,

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