Stila In The Light & Strawberry Balmi | What Happens When I Have Points To Spend...

I'm so weak when it comes to spending points online, especially on makeup. I completely forgot about my Birchbox points for a while, not realising I'd racked up another £30's worth since last April (which is pretty damn good going if you ask me!). So I did what any self-confessed-beauty-lover/woman-obsessed-with-anything-that-glitters would do. Absolutely wiped out my hard earned points in about 5 seconds and spent them all in one go...

(Please ignore the broken shadow! It came like this in the post -cry cry cry- and I'm too impatient to wait for a replacement because I just wanna write about it RIGHT NOW! So this one will have to do haha).

I have been lusting over this palette since, like, forever?! I've been meaning to get into doing my eyeshadow more often, and even though I own 2 naked palettes already, I fancied something a bit different. This has 3 matte shades (bare, bliss & sandstone) and 6 shimmer shades (kitten - my favourite, that just so happens to be the broken one :( , sunset, champagne, gilded gold & luster) and it couldn't be more beautiful. Not to mention it comes with a brown eyeliner too, which always comes in handy for times when black is just too harsh. 

I won't ramble on about it too much until I've given it a full 'test drive', but I really really cannot wait to try this out! Expect a full review post giving you the low-down on this verrrrry soon.

I still had a fiver's worth of points left over and just HAD to get one of these to see what all the fuss is about. Granted, it's no EOS, but it definitely gives them a run for their money! I bought this on a whim (partly because I wanted one, and partly because it was the only thing I could find under £7!), but the thing that made me fall in love wasn't the taste, wasn't the scent of the lip balm... but the fact that the PACKAGING is scented too. Yup. It smells like strawberry heaven. ALL OF IT! I'm a massive fan of the casing and the novelty of a pyramid-shaped lip balm inside, but this actually does a pretty good job of keeping my lips from drying too. 

With the goodness of jojoba oil, vitamin E, shea butter and an SPF of 15 packed inside, plus the fact that it applies straight onto the lips without me having to shove my finger inside a pot, it seemed like the Balmi had everything going for it. Until I tried to twist the lid the wrong way and it full on went smooshing into the lip balm. It's no longer a pyramid, more of a... well, I don't really know. Wonky dog poo shape maybe? Boo.

I'm currently sitting, balmi in hand, having a good old sniff of the packaging - I will 100% be buying more flavours pronto! If you're a points hoarder like me, or you've tried either of these products let me know, I'm intrigued to know what you think! 

Big love, 

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