The Drugstore Mascara I Adore

When it comes to mascara, or anything to do with lashes in general, I'm always a skeptic until proven wrong. Of course I have my reasons, the main one being that my lashes are so short, stubborn and straight they may as well point towards the floor (they pretty much do if I don't bother to curl them at all). Through my teenage years I tried it all, serums, oils, eyeliner without mascara (I've no idea what I was thinking, don't judge haha). I even resorted to using fake lashes for 3 of my final school years because I just couldn't be bothered trying to tame my lashes any longer.

It was only when I decided to stop wearing eyeliner so often - and by 'deciding', I mean once I started full time work I never got up early enough to create a perfect flick - that I really got to grips with my lashes as they were all I had to frame my eyes! 

I found myself using this mascara after I got to my mum's one morning before work and realised I'd actually forgotten to put any on beforehand -crying laugh emoji-. I'll get my main statement out of the way first of all when I say that I'm really not a fan of drugstore mascaras (yup, even the much-raved about Maybelline ones - including The Falsies!) and as soon as I spotted the whole 'enriched with argan oil' thaaang going on on the packaging, I was convinced it was a gimmick. Dare I say it, I was wrong. 

After a whole day of working, walking dogs and shopping, my lashes not only looked perfectly separated and lengthened, they even STAYED. CURLY. And let me tell you now, my lashes never ever keep a curl, even after curling them 458736 times between coats of mascara. I never usually like plastic applicators either as I find they stick my lashes together and make them look all spidery, but this one seems to be settled perfectly between the separating/lengthening kind and the volumising kind.

Don't get me wrong, I've had to get myself into a little routine of curling my lashes both before and after application, and applying 2 coats of mascara by blinking rather than wiggling the brush around like a mad woman but it works for me! My lashes stay lengthened, they stay curly, and (here comes the super bold statement) I think they might have even grown a little bit. They're definitely in much better condition. Could it be the argan oil? I don't know. It took practise and patience and a LOT of eye makeup remover for when things got messy but I think I've finally gotten the better of my lashes and I couldn't be happier. Cheers Rimmel! 

Let me know if you've tried this mascara out or if there are any other drugstore mascaras that I should give a second chance - surprise me haha.

Big love,



  1. This is the mascara I use as well! Happy to hear your lashes are growing, I have the exact same short lash problems as you! My best friend has super long naturally curly lashes and just uses a £1.99 Natural Collections mascara to look like she has falsies in, genetics are so unfair :(


    1. Aw yay!! Short lash friends haha! I have a friend who's exactly the same and I get more and more envious every time I see her :(
      I'm literally at war with my genetics haha, I definitely got the short straw with a lot of things! What's even more annoying is that I got stuck with my dad's stubby lashes whilst all the women on my mum's side have super curly long ones, boooooo.

  2. The brush looks awesome.


    1. It's like my perfect brush haha, I love it so much xxx


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