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Oh the classic leather jacket. I think every girl and their grandma must have had at least one in their lifetime, and ever since I became old enough to pick my own clothes, I've always been a leather jacket girl. There's something so endearing about throwing on some boots and a leather jacket that almost makes you feel unstoppable - anyone else feel like that sometimes? 

I wore the same cropped leather biker jacket (PU, of course!) from Jane Norman for at least 7/8 years - Jane Norman... what a blast from the past! I remember when everyone in my secondary school (including me) used to think it was super cool to shove their P.E. kit into a Jane Norman coloured carrier bag hahaha.
Recently I had to watch my old faithful jacket die as the coating started to flake off left, right and center, waaaa! :( It was time to purchase a brand new shiny jacket, so I headed to ASOS and this is what I found.

As much as I'd love to spend hundreds of pounds on a luxurious real leather All Saints jacket, my teeny tiny budget just can't stretch that far! So instead I opted for this Noisy May Leather Look Jacket that came in at a much more budget-friendly price, especially as I had an ASOS voucher to spend too - win! ASOS are always so great when it comes to bits and bobs that are cheap, but still really nice quality. I wanted something a little different to the ever-so-popular biker style jacket, and the reason I loved this one is because it doesn't have a pointy collar, or an awkward wonky zip! Instead it's classed as 'collarless' and has a couple of poppers around the neck instead, as well as a straight zip. 

I also really reeeallly like that it's a matte black rather than that stiff, shiny material that's so obviously plastic. It's super soft, extremely comfortable and to be honest, pretty convincing for leather look PU. Maybe one day (in my dreams haha) I'll be blessed with my very own All Saints jacket, but I'm confident this little ASOS find will do me just fine for years to come! (Also, I'd like to apologise for the distinct lack of photos with the jacket on - I've been pretty sick and slumping around feeling sorry for myself, I feel like a quasimodo right now ha!).

Let me know your thoughts on the good ol' leather jacket (also let me know if you remember Jane Norman - or even better, if there was a jane-norman-bag-pe-kit-crew at your school haha, I'd love to hear about it!) 

Big love, 

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