Long Hair Problems I'm Sure You'll Understand

All my girls with boob-length or longer hair, this one's for you. Having grown my hair out for the past 18 months or so, I've discovered the good, the bad and the ugly that comes with having long locks. Here are a few of my findings...

Finding your hair EVERYWHERE
There is no escape. It's like getting snitched on all the time. Snuck that last piece of cake out of the fridge? No matter how careful you might have been, best believe there will be hair at the scene of the crime. Busted. People at work always know when I've nicked the comfy spinning chair out of the office, because it's guaranteed that my hair will be all over it...  There goes my chances of being a #1 stealth ninja.

Sleeping with your hair down = Suffocation
Especially in summer. Disgustingly sweaty, tangly, suffocation. Enough said.

Brush, brush, brush, and brush again
Because as soon as you step out of the door on a windy day it's like armageddon - girl vs. hair. Not to mention the 'large-bird's-nest-esque' state of your locks when you emerge from bed the next morning. On a bad day, I will spend at least half an hour in the morning ripping through my hair with a tangle teezer, trying to tame it, which usually ends up with me drenching my hair in conditioner, and my puppy running away with the tangle teezer...

The sheer volume of shampoo & conditioner you manage to get through
Literally in a week you're three quarters of the way through what you thought was a large bottle of shampoo. Although, don't you find that you always run out of shampoo before conditioner? Boo. Thank God I don't have to go to the same place every single time I need more shampoo. I'd be there so often that people would start to think I had serious problems and/or a very large dog.

Don't even get me started on styling your hair...
Because every day - EVERY D A Y - is arm day. No need for weights at the gym ladies, oh no no no. When you've got your hair half suspended in a top knot /slash/ messy bun /slash/ 'I have no idea where I'm jamming these bobby pins, but please lord let my hair stay in place when I let go because I've been holding it up for so long I can barely feel my fingers', it's a hell of a workout for those triceps. 

I couldn't not add this in, bravo helicopter lady, bravo. 

Let me know if you can relate to any of these little findings! Hats off to Rapunzel, I just don't know how she does it...

Big love, 


  1. I used to always have long hair and I can relate to all of these problems. I'm smiling slightly though because I realise these problems are less of a worry as I've cut my hair haha x


    1. I wish I could cut all mine off but I'm far too attached to it haha! xxx


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