Spectrum Brushes | Concealer & Brow Brush Review

I'm a self confessed makeup brush freak, and I'm always on the lookout for good quality brushes that won't set me back £50 a piece (MAC, as nice as your brushes are, I'm looking at you). Considering Spectrum are a brush brand I'd never heard of before, their brushes are insane. They're completely vegan and cruelty free, which is so nice to know especially if you're a head-over-heels animal lover like me - not to mention they're super affordable too. 2 brushes for under £10? Yes please...

spectrum brushes angled brow brush domed contour concealer brush
Zelda is a nickname - my actual name is Emma for those confused by the note haha!
spectrum brushes angled brow brush domed contour concealer brush

First things first, can we all just appreciate for a moment how bright and beautiful these brushes are?! It's so nice to see something other than black brushes for a change, and the ombr√© bristles are right up my street. They even come with a sweet little storage bag and a handwritten thank-you note. Swoon. 

spectrum brushes angled brow brush domed contour concealer brush

Since getting my hands on the Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown (woo, what a mouthful and a half that one is), I've been on the hunt for a decent brow brush to accompany it. Unfortunately my budget right now can't stretch to a coveted MAC 266, so I was looking for the next best, affordable thing! Enter Spectrum's Angled Brow Brush. For me, this is a little brush of dreams, it's got perfect length bristles with a lovely stiff-ness for all things brows - and I don't know about you but I've had my fair share of soft, almost fluffy brow brushes with bristles that are too long to actually do anything with. At £3.99, I was worried that this would be the case with this brush too, but I was so wrong. Very very impressive!

spectrum brushes angled brow brush domed contour concealer brush

I've never really had a brush for the sole purpose of blending concealer - I'm typically lazy and most of the time I'll use my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush for absolutely everything - so I thought it was about time I got myself sorted. I decided to grab the Domed Contour Brush, which I think is actually meant for the eyes but it's the ideal size for blending around smaller areas of the face - especially because my eye sockets are so teensy anyway! Let me start by saying this brush is stupidly soft, and blends even my thickest Lasting Perfection Concealer in like a dream. I find that a lot of the time thicker concealers go all dry and crease on me, but after they're blended in with this little bad boy, my complexion looks flawless. If I didn't know otherwise, I'd think it was much more expensive than it's £4.99 price tag. 

Not only am I a makeup brush freak, but I'm also really picky with what brushes I use, and all things considered, I'm ridiculously impressed with Spectrum's brushes. I'm counting down the days till payday so I can get my hands on some more! Let me know your thoughts, especially if you've tried any brushes from Spectrum before! 

Big love,
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