Super Yummy Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Breville Blend Active Breakfast Berry Smoothie

Good morning and a happy Saturday to you all! I'm smoothie obsessed - always have been, always will be - so the day I bought my Breville Blend Active was the best day like, ever! Every day before work I'll chuck all manner of fruit into the little bottle and whizz myself up a breakfast smoothie before the drive, and believe me, I've tried and failed on many occasions to create the perfect taste (Note to self: don't ever ever use orange juice in a smoothie again, bleughhhh).

The past couple of mornings, I think I've finally found 'the one'. It makes me feel fuller in the morning, takes 2 seconds to whizz up and tastes insane. Here's what I used:

Breville Blend Active Breakfast Berry Smoothie Recipe

1 Banana
I use banana in every smoothie as it helps to fill it out and are so good for you, especially in the morning when it comes to giving you energy, boosting your mood and helping you to remember things - 3 absolute must-haves for most Monday mornings, don't you agree?
1 Kiwi
Kiwi's contain so much vitamin C, they can actually help boost your metabolism - not to mention really helping to improve the skin too. 
A handful of mixed berries
Any berry of choice will do, but I find using frozen berries a lot cheaper, they last longer and it makes the smoothie icy cold and lovely in the end. This selection contains mostly strawberries, which again have antioxidant properties that can help with collagen in the skin and the immune system, as well as blackberries which have the highest antioxidant levels of all fruit, and contain vitamins similar to spinach but a lot more yummy!
A handful of ice 
Just to make sure it doesn't come out too thick and warm and gross haha. Also, an icy cold drink first thing in the morning can help to kick start your metabolism. 
Fruit juice of choice
I used mango, but any juice apart from orange works pretty well!
A few spoons of greek yogurt & a handful of rolled oats 
A breakfast smoothie wouldn't be a breakfast smoothie without yogurt and oats to fill you up now would it?! I use natural yogurt just in case I decide to change up the flavours with different fruits, but normal yogurt works just as well.

I've not had the best luck with blenders in the past. My last love affair with a proper old, chunky, 'impossible to put in the dishwasher' blender ended up with me blending the rubber seal in with my smoothie. It leaked out everywhere, all over the wires, smelt like burning rubber and the smoothie tasted, well... like a blended up car tyre. Not cool, guys. 

Breville Blend Active Breakfast Berry Smoothie Recipe

I can guarantee you that this smoothie doesn't taste like burned rubber haha. I'd had my eye on the Blend Active for a good few months before I took the plunge, and now all of a sudden it's becoming a super raved-about product (so I thought I'd join the bandwagon ha!). I'm not getting paid to say any of this, I'm literally just fangirling so hard over this blender - especially because it has the same power and can do pretty much everything an original Nutri Bullet can do, for £20 instead of £100! I can't get over how easy it makes smoothie time haha. You literally chop everything up, chuck it all into the bottle in whichever order you please, screw on the top (v. v. important!) and whizz it all up. Then replace the blades with the proper bottle top and you're good to go. Not a rubber seal in sight. Perrrrrfecttttt for someone like me who is always late and always in a rush. AND it can all go in the dishwasher. Bliss.

When it came to getting my 5 a day and living a healthy lifestyle, I was useless. I've decided by this summer I want to be happy with my body, and I'm definitely seeing a difference already in my skin and health just by making the effort to have a smoothie every morning. Granted, you won't see me giving up the chocolate any time soon, but hey, it's a start right!? YAY SMOOTHIES!

Let me know if you give this recipe a go or if there are any other recipes you recommend! 
Big love,
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