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It's no secret, I am a Lush addict. If I really bothered to count, I'm sure over half of my blog posts so far include Lush in some form. There's just something special about hopping into a Lush bath-bomb-filled bath (I feel like I should clarify here that I'm talking about a bath full of water and using one bath bomb, not like, sitting in a whole bathtub just filled with them), popping on a fresh face mask and having a right old chillax.

lush haul lakeside cosmetics bath body beauty skincare

This time around, my best friend and I were the only ones in the shop all evening. I had a lovely skincare chat with the guy who served me, and he even complimented me on my good choices which absolutely made my day. The name on the receipt was James so, James from Lush Lakeside, if you stumble across this post - hello and thank you for being great! 
Here are the new bits that I ended up with once I'd wandered in for the 2735billionth time... 

d'fluff strawberry shaving soap mask of magnanimity face mask self preserving

After hearing nothing but good things about it, I grabbed myself a pot of the D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap. I gotta say, this stuff smells insane - in a good way! It contains a bucket load of strawberries, cocoa butter and egg white to really nourish the skin and stop it from drying out and itching like mad after shaving which has definitely happened to me on numerous occasions. As you can probably tell from the photo I've already tried this out and I wasn't disappointed! A little really does go a long way, it applies beautifully and doesn't clog up the razor at all like other shaving gels do. 

I've written a review of Mask of Magnaminty in the past which you can read here so I won't waffle on too much. I love this mask, it makes my skin feel so energised and refreshed, not to mention making most of my redness around angry blemishes disappear. I picked up the self preserving formula just so I don't have to stress out about using it all up super quickly, but I can't get enough of this stuff. 

full of grace solid serum bar skincare natural

Another little skincare gem I have nothing but praise for is the Full of Grace serum. I'll start by saying although some Lush products contain a few safe synthetics, this is all completely 'au naturel' and has none whatsoever - said in my best French accent, of course. It's brilliant considering you slather it all over your face! This baby calms and conditions the skin and can really help to reduce excess oil - James from earlier up there also said to try this underneath my Mask of Mag, as it can really open up the pores underneath to let all the goodness in. I tried it and low and behold, the results were beyond amazing! Oooh yeah nourished skin.

may day floating island honey bee bath bomb melt ballistic
Top - Honey Bee, Left - May Day, Right - Floating Island
It'd be a crime to walk into Lush and not walk out again with at least one bath ballistic, so I grabbed one of my all time favourites, Honey Bee, for good measure. You've probably seen this pop up on my blog ample times by now, because I. bloody. love. this. bath bomb... Even if it does end up looking like you've wee'd in the bath by the time you get out! It's not an all singing, all dancing fizz-bang-wallop kind of bomb - it's simple bliss and the perfect balance of not-too-fresh, not-too-sweet, and still really soothing at the same time. Also, I find that I have my 'morning' Lush scents and my 'night time' Lush scents, but this one can come under either. Loooooove it.

May Day was a limited edition product that was only meant to be available in the month of May, so when I saw a few left over I snapped one up as if my life depended on it. This cute little badger is just part of Lush's many amazing efforts to contribute towards the fight against animal testing and cruelty (although I did originally think it was a raccoon, whoops). The scent reminds me of the bright green Avobath bomb, it's very uplifting and refreshing and smells a bit like sherbet! All the proceeds from this little guy go directly to Anti-Badger Culling projects in the UK to help save the lives of innocent little badgers who fall victim to needless badger culling - and who doesn't love helping to save animals, am I right?! 

Lastly I thought I'd treat myself to a luxury bath melt in the form of Floating Island. I adore using bath melts, and definitely don't pick them up enough! This particular one is possibly the most relaxing, calming scent to ever grace my nostrils that isn't the slightest bit lavender-y, which is great if you can't stand lavender but still want to chill! Like all bath melts, it contains oils and butters to make it really nourishing and moisturising - and it's massive too. 

Let me know if you've tried any of these bits, and tell me about the Lush stuff you love that I need to try! 

Big love,


TIGI Haircare @ TK Maxx

Having long hair is both a blessing and a curse, and I'm sure all you long-haired gals out there will feel my pain when I mention buying brand new, lovely haircare products and watching them disappear into thin air in a matter of weeks. I never really tend to buy myself 'decent' shampoos and conditioners, simply because I get through so much of the stuff and my bank account would hate me!

tigi haircare catwalk oatmeal honey 750ml tkmaxx

TIGI is a haircare brand I've always wanted to delve into but I've just never had the funds to feed my curiosity. On a little trip to town I wandered into TK Maxx (or TJ Maxx for those of you across the pond) and was faced with a whole shelf-full of huge bottles of TIGI. Swoon.

There were a few different Catwalk & Bed Head ranges, and after much deliberation I eventually grabbed the Catwalk Oatmeal & Honey Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner. Rocking up at £12.99 each for a whopping 750ml of product, it's a huuuuuge difference compared to their respective feelunique.co.uk price tags - £22.45 for the shampoo and £27.85 for the conditioner. Also, they have those cool little pumpy lid things that makes them feel all salon-like and posh!

tigi haircare catwalk oatmeal honey 750ml tkmaxx

I have to admit, I wish I'd have smelt these before I picked them up - their scent is super super strong and very sweet - definitely not one for people who don't like sweet smells. Personally I don't mind it, but I know it might put some people off. Scent aside, these beauties do wonders for my hair. If you've read my blog for any amount of time, you'll have probably seen me complain about how my hair almost dreadlocks itself overnight. I can 100% see the difference in my hair when I use these, my dry, disgusting ends (which, note to self, I really do need to get cut) are tamed and softened, and even 2/3 day old hair brushes through like a dream - something I never thought I'd be saying! 

For their teeny tiny price tag at the moment, I'd definitely try to pick some up from the range that TK Maxx are stocking right now. I wouldn't be surprised if these bottles lasted me the best part of the rest of the year, so really I'm saving money in the long run too, win! Just, maybe make sure to smell them first haha...

Are there any other little TIGI gems you've tried that I'm missing out on?! Tell all please!!!

Big love,
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