Huge Copper Kitchen 'Stuff' Haul

Oh boy, do I love a good copper object. 
The time has come for me and my boyfriend to think about moving into a little place of our own, and we'll be doing just that next year! Moving out means having to start from scratch and all of a sudden actually needing to buy your own kitchen utensils. It's big stuff. 

I'm a copper obsessive. If there was an 'I-love-copper-anonymous' club, I'd be top of their list. I'm incredibly lucky to be the girlfriend of somebody who also enjoys copper things, and seeing as we share the same interior design taste, there was no holding back when it came to me raiding Aldi for their copper kitchen wares. 

I. Bought. Everything. 
No literally, everything.

The link to the Aldi Special Buys page is here, I'm not sure if these bits will stay on the website after their time is up or if they'll just stay in store until they're sold out, but it's worth having a look! 

As always if you enjoyed the video please go on over to my channel and let me know - I"m gonna have a LOT more home-y stuff to show you if you're interested! 



Dreaming of Sorrento

Italy is one of those places that I've always wanted to travel to, but had no idea any other parts of it existed other than Rome and Milan. With the autumn months upon us and the colder weather fast approaching, I've been reminiscing on one of the best summer holidays I've ever had, and thought it was only right to share some of my snaps. With the help of my wonderful boyfriend's mum, we decided to book some pretty last-minute flights to Naples in August, and stay in Sorrento which I suppose you could pretty much consider the Amalfi Coast (which is right at the bottom of that ol' boot).
Having not been on a 'proper' flight since I was too young to remember, the thought of flying scared the living crap out of me - although a relaxing stay in the airport's Hilton hotel the night before our flight, complete with a bath and Game of Thrones, seemed to do the trick in calming my nerves slightly. There was something so childlike and exciting about that 3:30am alarm and getting on a plane in the pitch black of morning - something I would usually have major grumbles about! Our flight was easy, we landed safely, and we were met at the airport by our little transfer man... Sans the people who we were meant to be sharing our transfer with. Her name was Michaela and she never turned up. Not that we have a grudge on you or anything Michaela, it's just that we waited around for an extra half an hour in a stuffy Italian airport lobby until someone else landed and took your place. Not annoying at all. Promise. 
I'll say one thing here and one thing only - Italian drivers are downright SCARY. Our transfer driver had us reaching for the 'oh sh*t' bars more often than not! All crazy rally-driving-in-a-minibus aside, the views passing Mount Vesuvius from Naples airport to Sorrento were incredible, and an hour later we were safely dropped off at our little hotel on the coast. Part of me wishes we'd had requested a room with a sea view, as I'd have much preferred waking up to the view over Vesuvius than the swimming pool every morning, but the mountains behind us were just as pretty to look at. 
A few days into our trip we decided to book a mini excursion to the isle of Capri, home of the famous Blue Grotto cave and one of the main reasons why we decided to stay so close to the Sorrento harbour. The plus side to our trip was that we got to see the whole perimeter of Capri, complete with the crazy yachts and ships sailing around it's harbours from the little boat we shared with around 12 other people. The downside - by the time we got to the Blue Grotto cave, the wait to get in was well over an hour and it wasn't even midday. Bummer. We still got taken to the White and Green caves though, which were just as pretty to look at! The white cave still had the bluest water I've ever seen and the Green cave, you guessed it, had beautiful turquoise waters. We even sailed right underneath the Faraglioni Hole, or the 'tunnel of love' as the Italians call it. Rumour has it, if you kiss your partner underneath it, you'll be together for life so it looks like my boyfriend is stuck with me forever! I think one of my favourite things about Capri was it's beach. We went rock pool exploring and it was like standing in a bath of clear, cool water - I won't mention in too much detail the part when the tide started advancing in on us rather quickly and I got stuck, in split position, backpack on head, between two unstable rocks. Classy.
Our hotel was a 30 second walk from the main square of Sorrento, which was filled with all the restaurants, cocktail bars, gelato shops and nightlife that you could shake a stick at. One of my favourite places we visited in Sorrento was a restaurant that was actually away from the main square called Artis Domus. My reason? They had bunnies. YES, FREE ROAMING LITTLE RABBITS. Say no more. We befriended a few who came and chilled out underneath our table while we chatted and munched on, what I would say was, the best (and cheapest!) handmade pizza there was in Sorrento. Around the gardens there were cute crochet swings and hammocks you could lounge on whilst waiting for your food or drinks, complete with fairy lights for when the sun went down. Basically, I want my future garden to look like that restaurant, bunnies 'n' all. 
Sorrento ended our summer beautifully, as well as Capri's breathtakingly beautiful sights - somewhere we've both decided we definitely want to go back to in the future for longer than a day trip. I've always wanted to travel and I'm finally getting to do it with the person I love most. Plans for a Christmassy adventure are already in the pipeline and to say I'm horrendously excited is an understatement. Watch this space! 



What's It Like To Work At Lush?

what's it like working for lush uk cosmetics cruelty free job

Autumn is by far one of my favourite times of year to head into Lush, and I'm sure there are many that will agree. Mainly because all of their Halloween and Christmas limited edition stuff launches, and I have always been a sucker for Lush Christmas, but it's also a great time for anyone looking for a job there to get involved. Around this time of year, Lush start to recruit for their seasonal Christmas staff, and seeing as I worked there myself up until August this year, I thought I would make a video to pass on a bit of insiders wisdom, addressing all of the pros and cons I wish I'd have known when I applied for the job!

If you enjoy this video please let me know in the comments and subscribe if you're new - I'm really starting to get into the swing of this YouTube malarkey now and it would make me suuuuper happy!



ASOS Summer Holiday Haul | Another HUGE Haul!

Two huge holiday hauls within one week? Are you MAD, woman?! The answer to that is simply yes. Yes I am. Mad, and pretty skint haha. But hey, if you can't splurge on lovely new stuff when you're going on holiday then kind when can you?! I've always been a massive ASOS lover, so I thought it only right to haul in some new summery bits for my upcoming holidays, and the best thing about ASOS is that I can link everything I bought so you can have a nosey for yourself! Enjoy!

Off The Shoulder Beach Dress http://goo.gl/HHa6hf
Pull & Bear Stripe Button Maxi Skirt http://goo.gl/OfeH0t
Noisy May Black Bodycon Dress http://goo.gl/2vYmGr
Pimkie Striped Bikini Top http://goo.gl/VLcqVs
Pimkie Striped Bikini Bottoms http://goo.gl/xys7ra
Pink Bikini Bottoms http://goo.gl/U9oMWU
Leather Tie Leg Sandals http://goo.gl/NBW0KE
Espadrille Wedges http://goo.gl/9kOfGT

I've been really enjoying filming and uploading more videos recently, if you did enjoy this haul please do let me know, and don't forget I also uploaded a huuuuuge Primark summer haul last week too! Yay for holiday splurges that my purse will probably regret by the end of the month!



Huge Primark Summer Holiday Haul

At the end of next week I am finally off on my summer holidays - first stop Newquay for a long weekend of sun - we hope - surf, and Boardmasters festival (hellooooooo James Bay...), although I'm not looking forward to the 3am, 6 hour drive down there too much! Then it's another 6 hours back home for one single, manic day before jetting off to Italy with the boyfriend. Bliss.

So for the past few weeks I've been going through the rigmarole of summer holiday prep... and by that I mean panicking at e v e r ything because I've not set foot abroad properly since I was 6 or 7 years old, let alone abroad with no responsible adults who usually tend to know what they're doing. I am now having to be my own 'responsible-adult-who's-meant-to-know-what-they're-doing' although far less responsible and in all honesty, I haven't got a clue.

However, what I do know is that summer holiday prep calls for one thing and one thing only - a Primark haul.

Seeing as you can't order Primark online I thought I'd put together this little haul to show exactly what I picked up for my holibobs!



Top 4 Cream Highlighters For Summer

It's becoming more apparent every summer that cream products are the 'in' thing to be using. Personally, up until this year I always found things like cream blushes, bronzers and highlights very scary and found myself steering away from them. However, this year I've absolutely fallen in love with a good few cream highlighters.
I'm obsessed with the way they give my skin 'that' glow without looking like they've been caked on, or looking like they're just downright sat on top of my face. In fact, I'm so obsessed, that I felt the need to ramble on about it here, so I've put together a little list of my top 4, tried and tested, can't-live-without, absolute favourite cream highlighters that I think could easily be essentials in anyone's makeup bag!
MAC Strobe Cream 
Do yourself a favour, and believe the hype about this beautiful product! I've found some cream highlighters in the past have been quite dry but this is the total opposite - it almost feels like moisturiser and glides on so easily. It can be used underneath or over the top of foundation for a natural 'lit from within' kind of glow and I cannot go a day without it.
Lush Feeling Younger
I feel that when it comes to makeup, Lush is definitely not the first place people think of. However, this little tub of cream highlight really is lovely, super iridescent and can be applied in a thin layer underneath makeup as a primer with added glow, or over the top as a more intense highlight. Because of its primer-like properties it lasts all day - not to mention the added benefit of it being completely vegan too!
MAC Cream Colour Base in Hush
Another gorgeous offering from MAC, their Hush Cream Colour Base is possibly my favourite highlight shade e v e r. It has a little bit more of a pink tone to it, so it can be used as a blush, highlight, or both. It's lovely and glowy without huge chunks of obvious shimmer and looks banging with slightly tanned skin. Winner.

Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette
This little gem of a palette is nothing short of amazing for a high street highlighting kit! My favourite shade in particular is the bottom left, which I believe is called Renaissance Gold - . With three cream highlighters and one, darker shimmery bronze-y shade that's a powder, so there's something for every skin tone! Not to mention how pretty the actual packaging is too, I honestly cannot fault this palette and it's one I think everyone should own!

Have you tried any of these and do you love them as much as I do? Leave a comment and let me know so we can freak out about them together haha!



Collective Summer Fitness & Gymwear Haul

I'm currently sat on my bed, eating popcorn and catching up on Season 3 of Peaky Blinders (highly, highly recommend by the way) trying not to think of the fact that it's almost August -gulp-, and we are already halfway through the summer season. That, and the fact that my 'summer bod' is definitely taking some time to arrive.
Back in June I did a little bit of a fitness wear haul to try and kickstart my love-hate relationship with the gym in time for my summer holiday. Did it work? Kind of. Would I rather be in bed snacking and binge-watching Netflix? Absolutely.
I filmed this haul a good while ago but never really got around to editing it properly until now - what can I say, the gym can take up a lot of spare time! (I say that as sarcastic as ever haha). But hey, better late than never, right?!



6 Tanning Fails Every British Girl Has Experienced

Original image from Pinterest
Whilst sat out in the garden on an unusually warm afternoon, trying desperately to build up any excuse for a base tan before I jet off to Italy next month, it occurred to me that getting any sort of natural tan in England is bloody hard. It got me thinking about all the crappy things that can happen when attempting to do so... So here are 6 that made me chuckle. 

1. The 'why do my thighs tan but my calves don't?' 
EVERY. SINGLE. SUMMER. Someone please explain to me why this happens, because two toned legs are the bane of my life. I look like a Kinder Bueno chocolate bar when I'm this half-white half-brown.

2. The 'which do I risk? Potentially blinding myself or the dreaded sunglasses tan?'
Yes, we've all been there, and obviously it's waaaay better to protect your eyes and just deal with the sunglasses tan. Over the years I've become encouraged to experiment with my sunglasses tan lines, like 'which do I go for today, the 'aviator' tan line or the 'full on bug eye/panda' tan line? THE CHOICE IS IN MY HANDS.'

3. The 'oh god I have streaks in my sun tan lotion.'
Aaaaand unfortunately, 99.9 percent of the time by the time you've realised this, it's far too late. Crack out the fake bake girl, you're gonna need it.

4. The 'which part of my garden do I lay in to avoid the neighbours getting a glimpse of my horrifically pale body?'
Bonus points for any of you that live with a garden that isn't overlooked by any other houses at all! I however, live in a bungalow, which means every single other house is a lot taller, with prime viewing location for our little back garden. Whadd'up Nanny Pat next door, don't mind me just blinding you from your bathroom window with my pale-ness.

5. The 'what do I wear that isn't a bikini that won't give me horrendous tan lines?'
Because we all know that wearing a bikini, in public, in Britain, just feels wrong. Well at least for me it does anyway. But then who wants crap tan lines either?! Don't even get me started on the unanticipated t-shirt tan, give me strength...

6. The 'F@*! THERE'S A WASP'
(or alternatively, bonus #7. The 'S#!* THERE'S A SPIDER')
Self explanatory really. Creepy crawlies give me the fear. Why is it that when I go on holiday there are never ANY wasps in sight, but at home once the weather edges over 18 degrees, they follow me like the plague? Why do they find me attractive? Am I just wasp material? I'll never know.

Maybe I'll just stick to the fake bake after all.



Dealing With Stressed Out Skin

I'm really, really bad when it comes to looking after my skin. Not in the typical way of not cleansing and moisturising - I have a full morning and evening skincare regime (although we all know the best of us have our nights when taking our makeup off is just too much effort to fathom), but more in the way of constant stress and not drinking enough. Definitely not drinking enough - water that is haha. Drinking enough water and getting enough sleep are two massive factors that contribute to how my skin looks and feels, not to mention the benefits for the rest of the body too - helloooo flat abs.

My skin only really tends to freak out between my brows, around the sides of my nose and on my chin. Lately I've been getting these weird patches of red, scaly skin that literally make me feel like a reptile, almost like eczema but not quite as itchy or irritated - it sort of just appears and sits there, making applying makeup an absolute misery for a week or so, then disappears as quickly as it comes. This usually only happens if I've been stressed to the high heavens, feeling completely run down, or haven't been keeping myself hydrated (recently, it's been a mixture of all three, and boy is my skin showing it). I've narrowed down a few certain products that I find really help to calm my skin down and speed up the healing process, so I thought I'd put together a little video walking through all the products that, as of late, I've found to really help. Let me know if you enjoyed this and please do subscribe as I'll be focusing a lot more on making videos during the summer!



The Blogger's Journal

Statement: I love my little space on the internet. I'd commit every day to it if I could. Unfortunately, life hasn't quite worked out that way for me, so when other commitments rear their heads, my blog gets put on the back burner and it's a habit I desperately need to get out of. So, whilst wandering through Paperchase and spending far too much money on trivial things that I just swear I need, I stumbled upon this beautiful 'Blogger's Journal'. And just swore I needed it!

paperchase bloggers journal calendar blogger organiser

I'll admit, I've been really into anything leaf print lately, so at first I didn't even pay attention to what it was, I was just all, 'oooh leaves!'. Then I looked a little closer and realised that it could be just what I needed to get me out of my seemingly-permanent-blogger's-block. This beautiful book has 6 separate sections with everything anyone could ever possibly need for a super organised blog - the first is a 'blog mission' section where you can note down your weekly and monthly goals and how you plan to achieve them, something that's really helpful to keep you up-to-date and motivated to come back to it every week.

paperchase bloggers journal calendar blogger organiser

One of the things that excites me the most about this journal is the monthly scheduled posts calendar, and the fact that, unlike most diaries, the months STARTED FROM THE MONTH I BOUGHT IT! (Sad, I know). But, we all know there's nothing worse than needing a diary once half the year has already passed, and having a whole half-of-a-book full of waste, no matter how beautiful! The section I'm probably getting the most use out of at the moment is the 'new post ideas' section. It has little spaces for jotting down ideas from start to finish, including 'what I need' lists and checklists from draft and visuals, right through to promotion over social media.

paperchase bloggers journal calendar blogger organiser
paperchase bloggers journal calendar blogger organiser

All of that, as well as a 'to do this week' section, a chart to work out any monthly income & expenses, and finally, a good old notes section in the back for any more ramblings that might not quite fit into any of the above, it's safe to say that this journal definitely has it all. I've never really spotted anything like this before and it seemed to be the only one of it's kind in Paperchase, but it's definitely something I'm going to be keeping more of an eye out for in the future!



KIKO Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick 315 | Review & Swatches

If only I could name all of the times I've walked into KIKO swearing not to buy a n y t h i n g and walking out with multiple items. Oh, the perils of working in a shopping centre, it's just too easy! This lipstick is the result of one of those times. The packaging for a start was just too beautiful to leave sitting there on the shelf without at LEAST touching it... Then came the swatching... Then oh gosh I must have just slipped and my card landed on the card machine and oh no now I've bought it. KIKO are just too good.
My point is, I'm a sucker for a good matte lipstick. And this one, for me, ticks all of the boxes. Before I even start banging on about the product itself, I just want to take a moment to appreciate the packaging. First of all, anything remotely copper coloured will catch my attention like a magpie to something shiny, and when it's paired with that charcoal-y grey colour, even better. I'm also obsessed with the fact that it's metal rather than plastic - it adds a kind of weightiness to it that you'd totally expect to feel from a higher end lipstick, not to mention it closes magnetically. Yeah, you read that right, magnets.

All freaking out about the packaging aside, what's actually inside is just as pretty. The angular square shape reminds me a lot of the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipsticks but for a third of the price, and the engraved double K logo makes it ten times more instagram-worthy. I picked up the shade 315 Velvet Passion which I would describe as a slightly purple toned, pinky dark-ish nude (for someone who is predominantly a beauty blogger, I'm really bad at describing colours haha). The pigmentation of this lipstick is beautiful, and feels quite creamy when you apply it to the lips which is always a bonus, especially with a matte! Once dried, it does not budge, smudge, or go anywhere fast really - the swatch on my arm faded evenly after a few hours but still stayed perfectly rectangular, so no risk of ending up with lipstick halfway across your face by the end of the day/night!

At £10.90 it's not the cheapest of lipsticks but the price definitely warrants the quality that you get - in fact, if I was shown this lipstick with no idea of the price or brand, I'd probably think it had cost a lot more! KIKO never fail to impress and I am most definitely going to have to grab some more shades of these (sorry in advance to my bank account).



A Trip To The City | Parks, Bands & Vlogging

Shock, horror, I vlogged. In public. Yeah, I know, crazy right? Last week I travelled into London with my family to meet my stepbrother and his girlfriend, who I absolutely adore and get so excited to see because they live in Northampton so I don't get to see them too often. We had arguably the cutest picnic ever in Hyde Park surrounded by ducks and deckchairs, before travelling to Scala just down the road from Kings Cross to have a few drinks and see a few bands!
Great focus there... Absolutely 10/10 spot on...
THE comfiest shoes to trudge around London in.
I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take out my new vlogging camera and give it a test run - well, I say new... I got it for Christmas and have been too chicken to use it until now haha. The weather was beautiful, I hand-fed wild geese which is something I never thought I'd do, and even though most of the time I had the complete and utter vlogging-fear, I still managed to have the nicest day. Head on over to my YouTube channel if you're interested in watching the vlog (which is also linked at the start of the post) and hopefully I can make this a more regular thing. 

I thought I'd add some of the more decent photos I took whilst we were in Scala, not the easiest of venues to mess around with a brand new camera in but I think they turned out semi-okay! We got there in time to see two bands - The LaFontaines and The Summer Set, both of whom put on an amazing show and the atmosphere all night was insane. It's a big deal for me, especially with my anxious mind, to be able to go somewhere I was completely unfamiliar with, whilst holding a camera in front of me, might I add, and have a great night regardless!

Let me know if you enjoyed my first proper 'vlog' attempt and I'll be sure to try things like this more often! All nerves and vlogging fear aside, I really did enjoy this day - and I enjoy the fact that I can go back and relive it even more. 

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