March Favourites 2016

Mornin' all! April is in full swing already, it's no longer March (nice one, captain obvious) and that means a few things - #1, the sun is actually out and we're one step closer to summer, which really does please me, and #2, I had an excuse to film a March favourites video.

I've been absent from Youtube for about a month, purely because I was in the process of moving house, and we were having a whole new roof fitted at the same time, so very messy and very noisy all at once! Said roof and my bedroom are finally sorted for now, so naturally I jumped at the chance to start filming as soon as I could!

I suppose it's pretty self explanatory, but here's a little March favourites video. If you enjoy it please do let me know, maybe even subscribe if you have a channel of your own and we can be video friends, it would make my day haha! I've filmed a few more videos that I'll be uploading soon, so I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one!

Big love, 
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