A Trip To The City | Parks, Bands & Vlogging

Shock, horror, I vlogged. In public. Yeah, I know, crazy right? Last week I travelled into London with my family to meet my stepbrother and his girlfriend, who I absolutely adore and get so excited to see because they live in Northampton so I don't get to see them too often. We had arguably the cutest picnic ever in Hyde Park surrounded by ducks and deckchairs, before travelling to Scala just down the road from Kings Cross to have a few drinks and see a few bands!
Great focus there... Absolutely 10/10 spot on...
THE comfiest shoes to trudge around London in.
I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take out my new vlogging camera and give it a test run - well, I say new... I got it for Christmas and have been too chicken to use it until now haha. The weather was beautiful, I hand-fed wild geese which is something I never thought I'd do, and even though most of the time I had the complete and utter vlogging-fear, I still managed to have the nicest day. Head on over to my YouTube channel if you're interested in watching the vlog (which is also linked at the start of the post) and hopefully I can make this a more regular thing. 

I thought I'd add some of the more decent photos I took whilst we were in Scala, not the easiest of venues to mess around with a brand new camera in but I think they turned out semi-okay! We got there in time to see two bands - The LaFontaines and The Summer Set, both of whom put on an amazing show and the atmosphere all night was insane. It's a big deal for me, especially with my anxious mind, to be able to go somewhere I was completely unfamiliar with, whilst holding a camera in front of me, might I add, and have a great night regardless!

Let me know if you enjoyed my first proper 'vlog' attempt and I'll be sure to try things like this more often! All nerves and vlogging fear aside, I really did enjoy this day - and I enjoy the fact that I can go back and relive it even more. 

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