KIKO Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick 315 | Review & Swatches

If only I could name all of the times I've walked into KIKO swearing not to buy a n y t h i n g and walking out with multiple items. Oh, the perils of working in a shopping centre, it's just too easy! This lipstick is the result of one of those times. The packaging for a start was just too beautiful to leave sitting there on the shelf without at LEAST touching it... Then came the swatching... Then oh gosh I must have just slipped and my card landed on the card machine and oh no now I've bought it. KIKO are just too good.
My point is, I'm a sucker for a good matte lipstick. And this one, for me, ticks all of the boxes. Before I even start banging on about the product itself, I just want to take a moment to appreciate the packaging. First of all, anything remotely copper coloured will catch my attention like a magpie to something shiny, and when it's paired with that charcoal-y grey colour, even better. I'm also obsessed with the fact that it's metal rather than plastic - it adds a kind of weightiness to it that you'd totally expect to feel from a higher end lipstick, not to mention it closes magnetically. Yeah, you read that right, magnets.

All freaking out about the packaging aside, what's actually inside is just as pretty. The angular square shape reminds me a lot of the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipsticks but for a third of the price, and the engraved double K logo makes it ten times more instagram-worthy. I picked up the shade 315 Velvet Passion which I would describe as a slightly purple toned, pinky dark-ish nude (for someone who is predominantly a beauty blogger, I'm really bad at describing colours haha). The pigmentation of this lipstick is beautiful, and feels quite creamy when you apply it to the lips which is always a bonus, especially with a matte! Once dried, it does not budge, smudge, or go anywhere fast really - the swatch on my arm faded evenly after a few hours but still stayed perfectly rectangular, so no risk of ending up with lipstick halfway across your face by the end of the day/night!

At £10.90 it's not the cheapest of lipsticks but the price definitely warrants the quality that you get - in fact, if I was shown this lipstick with no idea of the price or brand, I'd probably think it had cost a lot more! KIKO never fail to impress and I am most definitely going to have to grab some more shades of these (sorry in advance to my bank account).

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