Collective Summer Fitness & Gymwear Haul

I'm currently sat on my bed, eating popcorn and catching up on Season 3 of Peaky Blinders (highly, highly recommend by the way) trying not to think of the fact that it's almost August -gulp-, and we are already halfway through the summer season. That, and the fact that my 'summer bod' is definitely taking some time to arrive.
Back in June I did a little bit of a fitness wear haul to try and kickstart my love-hate relationship with the gym in time for my summer holiday. Did it work? Kind of. Would I rather be in bed snacking and binge-watching Netflix? Absolutely.
I filmed this haul a good while ago but never really got around to editing it properly until now - what can I say, the gym can take up a lot of spare time! (I say that as sarcastic as ever haha). But hey, better late than never, right?!



6 Tanning Fails Every British Girl Has Experienced

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Whilst sat out in the garden on an unusually warm afternoon, trying desperately to build up any excuse for a base tan before I jet off to Italy next month, it occurred to me that getting any sort of natural tan in England is bloody hard. It got me thinking about all the crappy things that can happen when attempting to do so... So here are 6 that made me chuckle. 

1. The 'why do my thighs tan but my calves don't?' 
EVERY. SINGLE. SUMMER. Someone please explain to me why this happens, because two toned legs are the bane of my life. I look like a Kinder Bueno chocolate bar when I'm this half-white half-brown.

2. The 'which do I risk? Potentially blinding myself or the dreaded sunglasses tan?'
Yes, we've all been there, and obviously it's waaaay better to protect your eyes and just deal with the sunglasses tan. Over the years I've become encouraged to experiment with my sunglasses tan lines, like 'which do I go for today, the 'aviator' tan line or the 'full on bug eye/panda' tan line? THE CHOICE IS IN MY HANDS.'

3. The 'oh god I have streaks in my sun tan lotion.'
Aaaaand unfortunately, 99.9 percent of the time by the time you've realised this, it's far too late. Crack out the fake bake girl, you're gonna need it.

4. The 'which part of my garden do I lay in to avoid the neighbours getting a glimpse of my horrifically pale body?'
Bonus points for any of you that live with a garden that isn't overlooked by any other houses at all! I however, live in a bungalow, which means every single other house is a lot taller, with prime viewing location for our little back garden. Whadd'up Nanny Pat next door, don't mind me just blinding you from your bathroom window with my pale-ness.

5. The 'what do I wear that isn't a bikini that won't give me horrendous tan lines?'
Because we all know that wearing a bikini, in public, in Britain, just feels wrong. Well at least for me it does anyway. But then who wants crap tan lines either?! Don't even get me started on the unanticipated t-shirt tan, give me strength...

6. The 'F@*! THERE'S A WASP'
(or alternatively, bonus #7. The 'S#!* THERE'S A SPIDER')
Self explanatory really. Creepy crawlies give me the fear. Why is it that when I go on holiday there are never ANY wasps in sight, but at home once the weather edges over 18 degrees, they follow me like the plague? Why do they find me attractive? Am I just wasp material? I'll never know.

Maybe I'll just stick to the fake bake after all.



Dealing With Stressed Out Skin

I'm really, really bad when it comes to looking after my skin. Not in the typical way of not cleansing and moisturising - I have a full morning and evening skincare regime (although we all know the best of us have our nights when taking our makeup off is just too much effort to fathom), but more in the way of constant stress and not drinking enough. Definitely not drinking enough - water that is haha. Drinking enough water and getting enough sleep are two massive factors that contribute to how my skin looks and feels, not to mention the benefits for the rest of the body too - helloooo flat abs.

My skin only really tends to freak out between my brows, around the sides of my nose and on my chin. Lately I've been getting these weird patches of red, scaly skin that literally make me feel like a reptile, almost like eczema but not quite as itchy or irritated - it sort of just appears and sits there, making applying makeup an absolute misery for a week or so, then disappears as quickly as it comes. This usually only happens if I've been stressed to the high heavens, feeling completely run down, or haven't been keeping myself hydrated (recently, it's been a mixture of all three, and boy is my skin showing it). I've narrowed down a few certain products that I find really help to calm my skin down and speed up the healing process, so I thought I'd put together a little video walking through all the products that, as of late, I've found to really help. Let me know if you enjoyed this and please do subscribe as I'll be focusing a lot more on making videos during the summer!

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