Dealing With Stressed Out Skin

I'm really, really bad when it comes to looking after my skin. Not in the typical way of not cleansing and moisturising - I have a full morning and evening skincare regime (although we all know the best of us have our nights when taking our makeup off is just too much effort to fathom), but more in the way of constant stress and not drinking enough. Definitely not drinking enough - water that is haha. Drinking enough water and getting enough sleep are two massive factors that contribute to how my skin looks and feels, not to mention the benefits for the rest of the body too - helloooo flat abs.

My skin only really tends to freak out between my brows, around the sides of my nose and on my chin. Lately I've been getting these weird patches of red, scaly skin that literally make me feel like a reptile, almost like eczema but not quite as itchy or irritated - it sort of just appears and sits there, making applying makeup an absolute misery for a week or so, then disappears as quickly as it comes. This usually only happens if I've been stressed to the high heavens, feeling completely run down, or haven't been keeping myself hydrated (recently, it's been a mixture of all three, and boy is my skin showing it). I've narrowed down a few certain products that I find really help to calm my skin down and speed up the healing process, so I thought I'd put together a little video walking through all the products that, as of late, I've found to really help. Let me know if you enjoyed this and please do subscribe as I'll be focusing a lot more on making videos during the summer!

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