ASOS Summer Holiday Haul | Another HUGE Haul!

Two huge holiday hauls within one week? Are you MAD, woman?! The answer to that is simply yes. Yes I am. Mad, and pretty skint haha. But hey, if you can't splurge on lovely new stuff when you're going on holiday then kind when can you?! I've always been a massive ASOS lover, so I thought it only right to haul in some new summery bits for my upcoming holidays, and the best thing about ASOS is that I can link everything I bought so you can have a nosey for yourself! Enjoy!

Off The Shoulder Beach Dress http://goo.gl/HHa6hf
Pull & Bear Stripe Button Maxi Skirt http://goo.gl/OfeH0t
Noisy May Black Bodycon Dress http://goo.gl/2vYmGr
Pimkie Striped Bikini Top http://goo.gl/VLcqVs
Pimkie Striped Bikini Bottoms http://goo.gl/xys7ra
Pink Bikini Bottoms http://goo.gl/U9oMWU
Leather Tie Leg Sandals http://goo.gl/NBW0KE
Espadrille Wedges http://goo.gl/9kOfGT

I've been really enjoying filming and uploading more videos recently, if you did enjoy this haul please do let me know, and don't forget I also uploaded a huuuuuge Primark summer haul last week too! Yay for holiday splurges that my purse will probably regret by the end of the month!



Huge Primark Summer Holiday Haul

At the end of next week I am finally off on my summer holidays - first stop Newquay for a long weekend of sun - we hope - surf, and Boardmasters festival (hellooooooo James Bay...), although I'm not looking forward to the 3am, 6 hour drive down there too much! Then it's another 6 hours back home for one single, manic day before jetting off to Italy with the boyfriend. Bliss.

So for the past few weeks I've been going through the rigmarole of summer holiday prep... and by that I mean panicking at e v e r ything because I've not set foot abroad properly since I was 6 or 7 years old, let alone abroad with no responsible adults who usually tend to know what they're doing. I am now having to be my own 'responsible-adult-who's-meant-to-know-what-they're-doing' although far less responsible and in all honesty, I haven't got a clue.

However, what I do know is that summer holiday prep calls for one thing and one thing only - a Primark haul.

Seeing as you can't order Primark online I thought I'd put together this little haul to show exactly what I picked up for my holibobs!



Top 4 Cream Highlighters For Summer

It's becoming more apparent every summer that cream products are the 'in' thing to be using. Personally, up until this year I always found things like cream blushes, bronzers and highlights very scary and found myself steering away from them. However, this year I've absolutely fallen in love with a good few cream highlighters.
I'm obsessed with the way they give my skin 'that' glow without looking like they've been caked on, or looking like they're just downright sat on top of my face. In fact, I'm so obsessed, that I felt the need to ramble on about it here, so I've put together a little list of my top 4, tried and tested, can't-live-without, absolute favourite cream highlighters that I think could easily be essentials in anyone's makeup bag!
MAC Strobe Cream 
Do yourself a favour, and believe the hype about this beautiful product! I've found some cream highlighters in the past have been quite dry but this is the total opposite - it almost feels like moisturiser and glides on so easily. It can be used underneath or over the top of foundation for a natural 'lit from within' kind of glow and I cannot go a day without it.
Lush Feeling Younger
I feel that when it comes to makeup, Lush is definitely not the first place people think of. However, this little tub of cream highlight really is lovely, super iridescent and can be applied in a thin layer underneath makeup as a primer with added glow, or over the top as a more intense highlight. Because of its primer-like properties it lasts all day - not to mention the added benefit of it being completely vegan too!
MAC Cream Colour Base in Hush
Another gorgeous offering from MAC, their Hush Cream Colour Base is possibly my favourite highlight shade e v e r. It has a little bit more of a pink tone to it, so it can be used as a blush, highlight, or both. It's lovely and glowy without huge chunks of obvious shimmer and looks banging with slightly tanned skin. Winner.

Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette
This little gem of a palette is nothing short of amazing for a high street highlighting kit! My favourite shade in particular is the bottom left, which I believe is called Renaissance Gold - . With three cream highlighters and one, darker shimmery bronze-y shade that's a powder, so there's something for every skin tone! Not to mention how pretty the actual packaging is too, I honestly cannot fault this palette and it's one I think everyone should own!

Have you tried any of these and do you love them as much as I do? Leave a comment and let me know so we can freak out about them together haha!

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