Dreaming of Sorrento

Italy is one of those places that I've always wanted to travel to, but had no idea any other parts of it existed other than Rome and Milan. With the autumn months upon us and the colder weather fast approaching, I've been reminiscing on one of the best summer holidays I've ever had, and thought it was only right to share some of my snaps. With the help of my wonderful boyfriend's mum, we decided to book some pretty last-minute flights to Naples in August, and stay in Sorrento which I suppose you could pretty much consider the Amalfi Coast (which is right at the bottom of that ol' boot).
Having not been on a 'proper' flight since I was too young to remember, the thought of flying scared the living crap out of me - although a relaxing stay in the airport's Hilton hotel the night before our flight, complete with a bath and Game of Thrones, seemed to do the trick in calming my nerves slightly. There was something so childlike and exciting about that 3:30am alarm and getting on a plane in the pitch black of morning - something I would usually have major grumbles about! Our flight was easy, we landed safely, and we were met at the airport by our little transfer man... Sans the people who we were meant to be sharing our transfer with. Her name was Michaela and she never turned up. Not that we have a grudge on you or anything Michaela, it's just that we waited around for an extra half an hour in a stuffy Italian airport lobby until someone else landed and took your place. Not annoying at all. Promise. 
I'll say one thing here and one thing only - Italian drivers are downright SCARY. Our transfer driver had us reaching for the 'oh sh*t' bars more often than not! All crazy rally-driving-in-a-minibus aside, the views passing Mount Vesuvius from Naples airport to Sorrento were incredible, and an hour later we were safely dropped off at our little hotel on the coast. Part of me wishes we'd had requested a room with a sea view, as I'd have much preferred waking up to the view over Vesuvius than the swimming pool every morning, but the mountains behind us were just as pretty to look at. 
A few days into our trip we decided to book a mini excursion to the isle of Capri, home of the famous Blue Grotto cave and one of the main reasons why we decided to stay so close to the Sorrento harbour. The plus side to our trip was that we got to see the whole perimeter of Capri, complete with the crazy yachts and ships sailing around it's harbours from the little boat we shared with around 12 other people. The downside - by the time we got to the Blue Grotto cave, the wait to get in was well over an hour and it wasn't even midday. Bummer. We still got taken to the White and Green caves though, which were just as pretty to look at! The white cave still had the bluest water I've ever seen and the Green cave, you guessed it, had beautiful turquoise waters. We even sailed right underneath the Faraglioni Hole, or the 'tunnel of love' as the Italians call it. Rumour has it, if you kiss your partner underneath it, you'll be together for life so it looks like my boyfriend is stuck with me forever! I think one of my favourite things about Capri was it's beach. We went rock pool exploring and it was like standing in a bath of clear, cool water - I won't mention in too much detail the part when the tide started advancing in on us rather quickly and I got stuck, in split position, backpack on head, between two unstable rocks. Classy.
Our hotel was a 30 second walk from the main square of Sorrento, which was filled with all the restaurants, cocktail bars, gelato shops and nightlife that you could shake a stick at. One of my favourite places we visited in Sorrento was a restaurant that was actually away from the main square called Artis Domus. My reason? They had bunnies. YES, FREE ROAMING LITTLE RABBITS. Say no more. We befriended a few who came and chilled out underneath our table while we chatted and munched on, what I would say was, the best (and cheapest!) handmade pizza there was in Sorrento. Around the gardens there were cute crochet swings and hammocks you could lounge on whilst waiting for your food or drinks, complete with fairy lights for when the sun went down. Basically, I want my future garden to look like that restaurant, bunnies 'n' all. 
Sorrento ended our summer beautifully, as well as Capri's breathtakingly beautiful sights - somewhere we've both decided we definitely want to go back to in the future for longer than a day trip. I've always wanted to travel and I'm finally getting to do it with the person I love most. Plans for a Christmassy adventure are already in the pipeline and to say I'm horrendously excited is an understatement. Watch this space! 

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