Huge Copper Kitchen 'Stuff' Haul

Oh boy, do I love a good copper object. 
The time has come for me and my boyfriend to think about moving into a little place of our own, and we'll be doing just that next year! Moving out means having to start from scratch and all of a sudden actually needing to buy your own kitchen utensils. It's big stuff. 

I'm a copper obsessive. If there was an 'I-love-copper-anonymous' club, I'd be top of their list. I'm incredibly lucky to be the girlfriend of somebody who also enjoys copper things, and seeing as we share the same interior design taste, there was no holding back when it came to me raiding Aldi for their copper kitchen wares. 

I. Bought. Everything. 
No literally, everything.

The link to the Aldi Special Buys page is here, I'm not sure if these bits will stay on the website after their time is up or if they'll just stay in store until they're sold out, but it's worth having a look! 

As always if you enjoyed the video please go on over to my channel and let me know - I"m gonna have a LOT more home-y stuff to show you if you're interested! 

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